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Transport for NSW invites new recreational and commercial maritime advisory group members

Transport for NSW invites leaders from state-wide domestic recreational and commercial vessel peak body associations across NSW to join key maritime advisory groups.

Leaders from organisations that represent diverse and inclusive groups are invited to apply to join the Vessel Advisory Groups, Recreational Vessel Advisory Group (RVAG) and Commercial Vessel Advisory Group (CVAG).  The advisory groups represent the entire boating community and support Transport for NSW in providing advice to the Minister for Transport.

NSW Maritime Acting Executive Director Darren Wood said, “We have seen a huge increase in the number of people out and about on waterways across NSW. These advisory groups are an important way to ensure we are hearing from all people using our waterways.

“We want to encourage leaders from state-wide recreational or commercial vessel non-profit associations to apply. We are particularly looking for applications from diverse backgrounds.

“Input from these groups helps us delivery safe passenger trips, best practice NSW waterway regulation, legislation, policies, and initiatives for everyone.

The recruitment drive for new members started in mid-June with applications closing at 5pm on 14 July 2023.

Members will work with State Government agencies including NSW Police, Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries), Office of Transport Safety Investigators, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, and Transport for NSW members of the committee.

Agencies under the Transport maritime cluster include:

  • Centre for Maritime Safety (CMS) is responsible for developing strategy, policy and the regulatory framework for safety, infrastructure and access. CMS co-ordinates major maritime safety campaigns and manages key stakeholder relations.
  • NSW Maritime is responsible for the delivery of regulatory services and infrastructure, providing frontline customer service and stakeholder engagement relating to safety, infrastructure and access.
  • Port Authority of NSW is responsible for port strategy, the regulatory framework and governance of freight and passenger shipping and key stakeholder relations.
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