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Marine Rescue Trial Bay to Upgrade Radio Base Technology

Volunteers at Marine Rescue Trial Bay will benefit from new computers at the Horseshoe Bay Radio Base after receiving a ClubsGRANT. South West Rocks Country Club CEO David Cunningham presented Marine Rescue Trial Bay Unit Commander Ian Turner and Deputy Unit Commander Loraine Rider with a cheque for $5,848 to upgrade computers at the base.

Mr Turner said he was grateful for the support given by the South West Rocks Country Club. “We are extremely appreciative; the Country Club is a wonderful supporter of the community. “Replacing the computers at the radio base is the final step in our internal upgrade of the facility,” Mr Turner said.

Mrs Rider said the new computers will assist the Trial Bay unit’s 50 dedicated volunteers in their mission of saving lives on the water. “The computers will be used for a variety of actions including tracking vessels, training and administration.

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