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Celebrating a Milestone in Composites

Hawkeye Industries, manufacturers of Duratec, Aqua Buff, and Styrosafe, are celebrating their 40th anniversary.

Founded in August 1983 by John and Liz Rea, in partnership with Doug and Gina Dennis, Hawkeye has grown into a worldwide business based on John Rea’s vision of delivering high quality products, technical service, and customer experiences. The company’s continued success is founded on that vision and the remarkable Hawkeye Industries’ team members, past and present, who built on that vision, added their own strengths and shaped the business.

Today, the Duratec, Aqua Buff, and Styrosafe product ranges are used worldwide implemented in projects in almost every sector of the composites industry.

Lorraine Duckworth, Director at ATL Composites, met John Rea in 1987 and saw the advantages of the Duratec range, successfully taking on Distribution for the Australian and New Zealand regions.

ATL Composites enjoys a strong long-term business and personal relationship with John and Liz and congratulates them on their 40-year milestone in the industry.

Duratec is relied upon across many industries, from pool manufacturing and boat building to cabinetry and furniture making.

Ease of application, rapid coat build-up, low porosity, increased gloss and quick cure, are some of the features of the Duratec range to save time and labour, while ensuring a superior finish.

The Duratec vinyl ester primers and high gloss topcoat range provide a hard mould surface with great adhesion to the original polyester, Vinyl Ester or epoxy-based tooling gelcoat. They can be used to modify, repair and resurface existing composite moulds to recover shine, eliminate marks from repairs, and to improve vacuum integrity.

Duratec vinyl ester resurfacing products will eliminate sub-surface porosity, and provide greater gloss retention, improved heat distortion temperature, and superior impact resistance to create a “better than original” tooling surface. Duratec 1794-006 White Vinyl Ester Primer and Duratec 1910-045 Red Vinyl Ester Top Coat can be used to resurface composite moulds built with a tooling gelcoat surface and epoxy moulds built with an epoxy face coat.

ATL Composites Director, Nicholas Cossich said “We are very proud to have represented the Duratec range in Australia for 36 years. We appreciate the support we have amongst the specialist applicators who have a justified reputation in achieving superior finishes.”

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