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Crown Lands joins exhibitors at Sydney International Boat Show

Boating enthusiasts and waterfront landowners can learn about how they can apply to develop a waterfront structure and much more with Crown Lands joining exhibitors at the annual Sydney International Boat Show this week.

Crown Lands, a branch of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, is responsible for the management of Crown land including land below the mean high-water mark.

Agency representatives will be on hand to share information with boat show attendees on how to obtain consent before any development begins on waterfronts, waterfront licenses and what is permitted on foreshore Crown land or waterways.

Crown Lands Executive Director of Land and Asset Management Greg Sullivan

Crown Lands Executive Director of Land and Asset Management Greg Sullivan said it was important for people to be aware of development rules on foreshore Crown Land and waterways.

“We want communities to be able to enjoy our waterways in the safest possible way, so it is vitally important to make sure that any development on or use of a waterway has been approved,” Mr Sullivan said.

“Managing built structures like jetties on our waterways through appropriate licencing ensures waterways are not overcrowded and appropriate public access to foreshores is maintained.”

From paddleboards to power cruisers, sail boats to fishing gear, the Sydney International Boat Show is a great opportunity to check out the best and brightest in boating, watercraft, and marine tech in one location.

The Sydney International Boat Show will be held at the International Convention Centre and Cockle Bay Wharf from Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 August, 2023.

Further information on domestic waterfront structures Is on the Crown Lands website at