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Maritime Professional Solutions Grows with the Success of Rivergate

When Joel Allingham and Daniel Fodie discussed starting their own marine engineering, fabrication and maintenance business, the goal was simple – set up shop at Rivergate and capitalise on the types of customers that were already visiting the shipyard for refit and repairs.

“We started the business here at Rivergate, which was always our plan from the start,” Joel said.

“We always saw that Rivergate was attracting the type of customers we wanted to work with, and we thought it would be a great place to start a business.”

From humble beginnings, great things can grow – which certainly rings true for Rivergate’s onsite marine engineering and fabrication specialists, Maritime Professional Solutions.

Since founding Maritime Professional Solutions (MPS) eight years ago, the duo has scaled the business to exponential heights – expanding from one shed to two and growing the team from no employees to 20 trade professionals.

Their success has allowed them to work on notable Rivergate projects such as MY Kokomo II’s recent transom extension, the MY Plan B refit, large-scale Department of Defence work, and much more.

“We’ve been lucky to be involved in some really exciting projects recently, most notably Plan B,” Joel said. “It’s great to be working with a boat of its age and its history that’s maintained so well and is still so willing to continue upgrading the boat. We also worked on the Lady E Project with Rivergate, installing an upgraded Ballast Water Treatment System.”

The MPS difference

Working across the superyacht, Defence, and commercial sectors, MPS offers world-class maritime solutions such as aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel fabrication and welding, installation, maintenance and repair of all marine systems, mechanical repairs, machining, and more.

Led by two directors with a combined 40 years of experience in marine engineering, MPS is known for its innovative approach to refit and maintenance works, including an Australian-first generator installation aboard the high-tech scientific research vessel, Pangaea Ocean Explorer.

Why Rivergate?

Rivergate’s location and capabilities have brought many opportunities to the MPS team, from its deep-water access, close proximity to the international airport, and onsite capabilities to execute large-scale refits.

“It’s a great collaboration between Rivergate and all the onsite contractors,” Joel said. “Everyone’s been here for a very long time. When working with Rivergate, you feel like part of their company, part of their family, and everyone gets along when you’re doing a project. It feels like it’s one company executing that project.”

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