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AIMEX Celebrates a Successful 25 Years

AIMEX has celebrated 25 years of operation, no mean feat for any organisation in today’s business environment. Marine Industry Organisations in many countries have struggled to survive during tough economic times, have had multiple leaders and have seen their funding and membership bases erode.

AIMEX can tell a very different story, one of stable leadership, diversification, growth, and continued relevance. This is a story that needs to be told as GMBA believe the success of AIMEX and how it has developed is something that should be shared. A close look at the success of AIMEX and its leaders is being developed as this article goes to print.

Jeremy Spear, the current President of AIMEX spoke recently at an event at the Sydney International Boat Show talking about these 25 years. His overview of AIMEX and what the organisation has achieved was impressive to say the least and he firmly stated we continue onwards and upwards.

Jeremy stated in his address; “AIMEX is truly a National body, representing and providing services and initiatives to members who derive assistance, representation and have business interests looked after in all 7 states and territories of Australia.

We are doing exciting things now in the Jobs and careers sector. Moreover, AIMEX is truly an International body – we take part in events and represent Australia and are active continually in over a dozen countries.”

“The AIMEX group, incorporating Australian manufacturers and service providers, the Australian commercial vessel marine group and Superyacht Australia has repeated, regular and strong attendance and representation at many major and significant industry events worldwide servicing the very broad spectrum of the manufacturing, commercial marine and especially Superyacht sectors.”

Jeremy listed the extensive achievements of AIMEX, all of which have contributed to promoting the Australian marine sector globally and to improving the Australian marine industry operating environment by changes to legislation, providing a strong voice to government on issues affecting the industry and above all ensuring AIMEX, Superyacht Australia and Commercial Marine Group members are well informed in terms of the business environment and opportunities nationally and globally.

Well done CEO David Good, Chairman Jeremy Speir and the committed AIMEX board. A true example of a successful organisation looking after its members.

Originally published in Global Insights Global Marine Business Advisors August 2023 Newsletter.

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