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Ankor unveils YachtNoter

Ankor, the Australian-founded startup, launched their new app – YachtNoter – on the 13th of September at the Cannes Yachting Festival. In an impressive debut, over 100 brokers downloaded and used the app within the first 24 hours of the show.

“Your first mate at yacht shows”

A first-of-its-kind app, YachtNoter has been designed exclusively for yacht brokers. Poised to end the chaos of disorganised notes and outdated notebooks, the app is revolutionising how brokers can now manage and document the yacht show experience and other yacht visits.

Supported by Ankor’s extensive database of over 5,000 vessels, this intuitive and feature-rich solution has the power to redefine how brokers work, resulting in a more streamlined process.

Erin Pavane, Ankor’s Chief Revenue Officer, shares the inspiration for the app: “After navigating through more than 15 yacht shows worldwide, it became obvious how difficult it was for brokers to keep organised notes and photos of the yachts they saw.

What started as an idea I shared with our CEO over a coffee has now become a reality.”

The Features

YachtNoter offers a seamless experience with a user-friendly interface. It allows the user to create comprehensive notes, record voice memos and capture videos of the yacht in question – these multimedia records can be customised with tags, ratings and detailed descriptions during viewings to curate an extremely detailed record of each vessel.

The app gives users access to the extensive database with the option of building a private library, ensuring brokers can easily access their favourite yachts anytime.

The information gathered on the app can be shared and referred to at any stage in the brokerage process. Users can send notes in real-time with partners and colleagues, with the added ability to instantly convert them into PDF versions.

Recognising the challenges sometimes posed by intermittent, limited connectivity at yacht shows, YachtNoter retains almost all functionality while the device is offline but logged in. The only features which require connection are searching the database and sharing links.

In terms of security measures, there is no sharing of any data with third parties that users enter into the app unless the share link is directly provided to do so. Ankor also has a robust security policy, including that data the company transits and stores on its servers is encrypted, and copies of production data on transportable devices (laptops, USBs, phones, etc.) are not permitted.

Early Success Stories

In the first 24 hours, YachtNoter was downloaded by over 100 brokers at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Elliot Cousins shares some initial feedback: “Our favourite story so far involves a broker who recorded notes on three yachts that piqued her buyer’s interest. After swiftly sharing these notes, complete with photos in PDF format, the buyer then promptly flew to Cannes the next day to view and purchase one of the yachts – showcasing YachtNoter’s ability to provide near real-time feedback and drive sales.”

What’s next for YachtNoter?

The focus of YachtNoter for the next month is to continually refine the user experience. The company hope to release new features at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October.

Incorporating their additional software platform, ‘Trips’, designed for creating customised yachting itineraries and proposals, future developments of YachtNoter will establish a connection between the user notes and yachts featured within the Trips platform.

YachtNoter is currently available on the Apple App and Google Play store, leading a new era of efficiency and convenience for yacht brokers and the show experience.