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Australian Sailing – Who does the Integrity Framework apply to?

The scope of the National Integrity Framework includes the Member Protection Policy, Child Safeguarding Policy, Improper Use of Drugs & Medicine Policy, Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy and the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy. All of these policies apply to and bind all ‘Relevant Persons’ and ‘Relevant Organisations’.

The term ‘Relevant Person’ is defined in the National Integrity Framework. Relevant Persons includes registered members of clubs and class associations which covers most of the sport. Participants in Discover Sailing or other learn to sail programs are included. Directors and office holders, coaches, officials, administrators and team and support personnel all bound by the policies. Volunteers who are engaged by Australian Sailing, clubs and class associations are covered in the scope and jurisdiction of the National Integrity Framework.

Relevant Organisations means the state associations affiliated to Australian Sailing (MYAs), and all clubs that are affiliated. National and state class associations are included. Discover Sailing and Sea Safety Survival Centres are covered. Teams or squads of athletes are also included in the National Integrity Framework’s scope. The National Integrity Framework applies to, binds and benefits every organisation involved in sailing.

The scope and jurisdiction are broad, and deliberately so. The National Integrity Framework articulates from a single point what the behavioural and ethical expectations are across the sport of sailing, benefitting every organisation or individual concerned. Everyone in sailing has a clear source of information and guidance, and the procedures that back up the policies are consistent no matter what your involvement is.

An online induction about the National Integrity Framework and its policies can be done here.

The National Integrity Framework and its policies are here.

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