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Energy On commits to supporting the Marina Industry as a Silver Sponsor

In support of marinas managing their embedded electrical networks, Energy On has invested in Silver Sponsorship of the Marina Industries Association (MIA). Energy On has a wealth of valuable expertise to share with members in designing and managing electrical embedded networks.

Energy On is an Australian-owned company specialising in creation and management of electrical embedded networks, private metering solutions for cost recovery and energy efficiency solutions.

MIA President, Andrew Chapman commented, “Having recently engaged them at Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard, I am delighted that Energy On have come on board as a silver sponsor and thank them for their commitment to our industry.”

In recent years, the MIA has devoted considerable time and resources in understanding and navigating industry’s obligations with the Australia Energy Regulator (AER) Retail Exempt Selling Guidelines. The MIA previously advised members that the AER is showing greater interest in the rights of consumers to opt out of embedded networks and take up their ‘Energy of Choice’.

Commenting on Energy On’s support, Suzanne Davies, MIA CEO said, “Partnerships that assist members to understand and meet their AER obligations and reduce the likelihood of being fined by the regulator are valued. We are pleased to partner with a business that can provide the professional advice and guidance to navigate this legislative framework.”

Clive Pearce, founder and Managing Director of Energy On, while announcing the support to industry commented, “Energy On is proud to come on board as a sponsor of the Marina Industry. The retail energy market is a complex environment, we look forward to working closely with the MIA and its members to explore innovative energy solutions that satisfies their AER obligations and enhances the overall efficiency and profitability of marinas.”

Davies commented that becoming an industry sponsor is “a great way for suppliers to remain ‘top of mind’ and to ensure exposure in our growing industry”. In a recent MIA Member survey, it was reported that nearly 70 per cent of members would actively consider MIA sponsors when making purchasing and acquisition decisions. “The MIA looks forward to this strong and mutually beneficial partnership with Energy On” Davies said.

Details of all MIA sponsors and partners can be found on the MIA website.

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