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SEA-DOO Explorer Pro wins Good Design Award

Sea-Doo is known in the market for its innovative design and this has been further acknowledged with the Sea-Doo Explorer Pro winning yet another award in 2023; an Australian Good Design Award.

The Sea-Doo Explorer Pro is designed for adventurers who want to explore uncharted waters: to give riders more space for that extra gear, incredible stability, protection, customisation and increased comfort riding over long distances.

Notably it’s the first ever PWC to come with a windshield designed to shield the rider from the elements. Inspired by diverse Australian conditions, the windshield enables longer rides in all seasons. This unit comes with a 170hp engine, giving you plenty of torque for towing all while still being fuel efficient.

The seat’s cushioning, knee pads, and adjustable handlebars allow for an enjoyable ride in different positions. The front has a new bumper to push and pull the vehicle with ease while beaching. The rear extension and LINQ attachment system expand its cargo space. Wide-angle mirrors provide a better view of the surroundings in open water.

Inspired by the great outdoors, the Sea-Doo Explorer’s Iceland Gray colour and high-contrast features give it a rugged and purposeful look. The design uses colour, texture and materials to conveniently provide extra visibility on the water, as well as a quick visual reference to the functional features of the watercraft.

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