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TANKY: The Product Set to Make Outdoor Life Easier

A former Australian television news couple is excited to share their latest innovative product, which will help people maximise their outdoor experiences.

Jenna and Tim Fearnley have created Tanky: the world’s first 6.6-gallon (25L) battery-powered portable shower, which comes with a host of features and vast uses.

“The mission behind Tanky is to make life easier for outdoor people,” Co-Founder of Tanky, Jenna Fearnley (Nee Hudson), said.

“I remember the day – it was a lightbulb moment when we struggling to get our two boys properly clean before getting into the car at an off-the-grid beach,” Jenna said.

“We carried out extensive research and we were surprised to find little, if any, battery powered portable showers with a self-priming pump, particularly of this size, on the market. Many require hand pumping or need to be plugged into a vehicle.”

“We then worked with a local industrial engineer over many months to design a product that was perfect for daily routines, like beach runs and sport practice, but also road trips and adventures, like mountain bike riding, motorsports and surfing,” she said.

“We’ve added additional lifestyle features to make the product more than just a shower,” she said.

Cleanliness Any-me, Anywhere:

Tanky is the answer to washing away dirt, dust, and sand, enabling outdoor enthusiasts to focus on the joy of their adventures. From surfing to mountain biking, family beach trips, and caravan journeys, Tanky ensures you can enjoy your activities without sacrificing hygiene.

Unveiling a Trailblazing Shower:

Tanky allows people to keep themselves and the things they love clean – anytime, anywhere. The 6.6-gallon (25L) capacity has never been done before in a battery powered portable shower, offering a generous water supply perfect for extended trips, family beach outings, and camping adventures.

Features Tailored for Adventure:

Tanky is more than just a shower; it’s a versatile companion designed for the rigours of outdoor life.

Its features include:

  • Storage: Tanky goes above and beyond with its integrated storage area, which doubles as a
    cooler for food and drinks. Keep your supplies cool and enjoy refreshments whenever you
    need them, all within a single, convenient unit.
  • 12V Outlet: Stay powered up on the go, ensuring you’re always connected and ready for
    whatever the journey throws your way.
  • USB Phone Charging Ports: Keep your devices charged and accessible, making sure you stay
    connected even in remote locations.
  • Robust Wheels and Handle: Mobility is effortless with Tanky’s convenient design, allowing
    you to move it wherever you need it.
  • Heat Retention: Leave Tanky in the sun or fill it with warm water on cooler days. The
    material retains heat for up to three hours.
  • Longevity: Tanky’s 10Ah lithium battery ensures it lasts for days after a full charge. Tanky
    has a dial that signals when it needs to be charged. Simply plug it into power either at home
    or in your car.

Experience the Revolution:

Tanky is set to transform the way you approach outdoor adventures. It’s not just a product; it’s a game-changer, offering unprecedented convenience and comfort for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

Tanky is available worldwide and will be available to purchase at a limited discount on Kickstarter on October 17.

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