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BIA Victoria welcome new Minister

The Melbourne Boat Show was perfectly timed. Not only for being on the cusp summer, and just as the boat market improves, however also in time to welcome the new Minister for Boating (Recreation), Steve Dimopoulos.

Premier Allan’s recent re-shuffle has seen Minister Dimopoulos elevated to the Environment and Recreation (Boating/Fishing) portfolios, to complement his already fullish card that includes Tourism and Major Events. It was fantastic therefore, that the new minister could attend the show, meet numerous stakeholders, and enjoy an industry and boat show overview at the start of his tenure. He also seemed quite keen to find out how he could arrange his next boating trip, and get some more firsthand involvement in the portfolio. Pictured with the Minister (R) on the boat show stage are (L to R) BIAV CEO Steve Walker, BBV Director Katherine Grech, and BIAV President Scott O’Hare. Amongst other things the minister was keen to explore some of the Victorian manufacturing on display, to take in the volume and value of boating statewide, to discuss some of the advocacy and infrastructure issues facing the industry, as well as to identify the link with his tourism and events portfolios.

BIAV has been very vocal in its support for recent progress for boaters and boating governance, via predecessors Jaala Pulford, Melissa Horne, and Sonya Kilkenny in the boating portfolio. This progress included the establishment of Better Boating Victoria, the setting up of the Better Boating Fund, the BBV strategic plan, and the dedicated effort, via the plan, to deliver for boaters. The minister was urged to keep this progress going and to help take boating in Victoria to the next level, which he will no doubt be keen to do.

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