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Classic Forum – 20 years of maritime tradition at boot Düsseldorf

Since 2005 the Classic Forum has formed an integral part of the world’s biggest yacht and watersports trade fair boot Düsseldorf. To mark its anniversary the Classic Forum will provide exclusive insights into the history and development of boat building on over 1,200 square metres in Hall 14 from 20 – 28 January 2024. On top of the exhibition of classic boats, there will be a varied programme on stage, traditional crafts displays and numerous experts providing help and advice for visitors.

Boat-building history, maritime gems and rarities

The Classic Forum will again offer an infotaining programme of exciting talks, films, panel discussions and brief DIY courses. For the youngest there will be a Kids’ Shipyard where children can build their first sailing boat.
A special highlight will be the 11th Private Maritime Auction on 27 January 2024 starting at 11.00 am at the Classic Forum. Here, quite a few things will go under the hammer – from original maritime objects to proper boats.
In addition, many boats from various epochs will be on show at the Classic Forum thereby demonstrating the development of boatbuilding over time. A special exhibit marking the anniversary will be the VICTORIA, a replica of a Roman river galley on loan by LWL-Römermuseum Haltern am See.

Experience maritime crafts hands-on

In addition to boats and nautical rarities, trade fair visitors can also experience maritime craftsmanship live at the Classic Forum. Experts will provide insights into the various boat-building trades, sail and rope-making along with specialist crafts such as fancy knots and rope work. Beyond this, visitors can look over the shoulder of a marine painter, a wood sculptor and a model maker. For interested visitors, brief complimentary courses are offered, where a subject is first covered in theory on stage and subsequently put into practice.

A colourful programme

The Classic Forum stage awaits trade fair visitors with a colourful and varied line-up of contributions relating to boat building and history. The talks on historical, traditional or classical topics are prepared and delivered by specialists and scientists. The daily programme also includes films and illustrated features, rounded off by panel discussions amongst experts on frequently debated topics involving the audience.

Details on the Classic Forum 20 – 28 January 2024 at boot Düsseldorf:

Craft demonstrations:

  • Boat building
  • Sail-making
  • Rope-making and fancy work
  • Wood sculpturing
  • Model making
  • Marine painting

Selection of boats on show:

  • Roman river galley VICTORIA (2008 replica of 1st century AD)
  • Powerboat Arcangeli Jolly (1965) *
  • Powerboat Boesch 590 Acapulco (1982) *
  • Powerboat Type HD 550 CAMUS (2022)
  • Steamboat LION (1939) *
  • Steamboat PEGGY (2010-2014)
  • Steamboat SUNRISE (2010)
  • Sailing yacht HD 20 Classic (2024)
  • Sailing yacht 22er Schäre MANON, ex ANITRA (1932)
  • Sailing yacht RW 16 (2013/14)
  • Sailing boat, dinghy Korsar CORA – 1203 (1966)
  • Sailing boat, dinghy Pirat WINDHUND – 1574 (1959)
  • Sailing boat, Schlei’s dinghy LILLE ANE (2018)
  • Sailing boat Klitmöller dinghy (1982) *
  • Ice glider Type DN POSTFROSCH (1991) *

* These boats can be bought at the 11th “Private Maritime Auction” on 27 January 2024 at the Classic Forum stand.

11. Private Maritime Auction
Saturday, 27 January 2024 at the Classic Forum stand, boot Düsseldorf, Hall 14. Auction catalogue available from early January 2024 at and