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GMBA expands global reach with appointment of four new consultants

GMBA has seen a surge in interest from many businesses who need support to develop new markets, access to quality networks and supply chains and most of all need someone in country to help navigate the many issues they are faced with when entering foreign markets.

In an ever-changing marine market and with a global economy that is seeing many disruptions it is no surprise businesses are wary entering new markets and now more than ever feel they need comprehensive research and greater due diligence before taking this step.

There is a lot to understand when trying to do business in global markets. This is even before you understand your specific marine market sector.

• Tariffs and Duties
• Local laws and regulations
• Cultural considerations
• Political landscape
• Economic overview
• Key players

Market research is critical when assessing each market and having support from an experienced in-country advisor who has the appropriate marine industry networks, relationships and understanding of the environment is the key to success. GMBA already has a significant network of consultants across the globe but recently has had enquiries from markets where they do not have expertise.

The markets of Hong Kong, Latin America and Japan are now on the radar of GMBA. They are pleased to announce the appointment of three new consultants in response to the growing market demand in these regions. Veda Pretorius, Chair of GMBA stated, “These strategic additions to our team will enable us to better serve our clients and strengthen our presence in these key regions.”

GMBA have also appointed a new consultant in Sweden to replace Bjorn Ingemanson who has recently taken up a role leading the board at Zipwake, a fast-growing interceptor company.

Jouko Huju, a key founding member of GMBA advised, “The marine industry has experienced positive growth in recent years, and GMBA has been at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers. With the expansion of our consultant team, we believe we will be well-positioned to offer relevant support to businesses wanting to enter these important markets or develop opportunities for existing business in these regions.

The new consultants bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their respective roles, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of support and guidance. Their deep understanding of the local markets, combined with their industry knowledge, will enable us to tailor our offerings to meet the unique requirements of each region.”

In Sweden, GMBA have appointed Annika Lindqvist. Annika was previously with Sweboat as the main contact for manufacturers of equipment but also exposed to every facet of the Swedish marine sector. Annika brings extensive knowledge of the local marine industry and a strong network of contacts. With Annika’s knowledge of the Swedish marine sector GMBA are confident that she will play a pivotal role in supporting clients in the Swedish market.

In Hong Kong, GMBA are delighted to appoint Colin Dawson to the team. With his deep understanding of the Hong Kong and wider Asian yacht and insurance market, having moved there close to 30 years ago, and his extensive travel and knowledge of the region, Colin will be a huge asset to the GMBA team. His experience and ability to forge strong relationships with key stakeholders makes Colin well placed to support businesses wishing to grow their business in this market or those who seek to develop their interests in this dynamic region.

In Latin America, the appointment of Julie Balzano will be instrumental in driving the growth strategy for businesses wishing to enter this complex region. Julie’s extensive experience in the marine sector, coupled with her understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the Latin American market, will be invaluable as clients wish to expand or initiate activities. Julie has also worked extensively in the US market as export director for the NMMA and spearheaded the global brand marketing efforts for 2 luxury yacht brands at MarineMax. GMBA is excited to have Julie who is based out of Columbia join the team.

Lastly, in Japan, GMBA is pleased to welcome Kenta Inaba who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding the Japanese marine sector. His strong connections within the Japanese market will be instrumental in establishing GMBA as a trusted partner in this important market. Kenta completed a Master of Business Administration at university of Miami school of business, holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Civil Engineering, is a key player in the superyacht sector and has been instrumental in helping ease regulations in Japan for visiting superyachts.

Annika Lindkvist

Colin Dawson

Julie Balzano

Kenta Inaba

Mary Anne Edwards a consultant with GMBA since the beginning said, “We are thrilled to have these talented individuals join our team. All these industry experts are well known to me and their extensive knowledge and relationships within their markets are second to none. Their appointments reflect our commitment to meeting the demand we are seeing for in market support in these regions. Going it alone is now not an option for many businesses expanding their global footprint. Stronger due diligence is demanded as mistakes are extremely costly.”

GMBA is a key provider of consulting services to businesses within the marine sector. With 22 consultants spanning 21 countries the extensive networks and relationships of GMBA are easing the way for many businesses to expand their operations globally. The relationship now established with Deloitte has also expanded GMBA reach and importance in offering a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of the marine industry.

Those wishing to contact GMBA in Australia can do so through MaryAnne Edwards  or call +61 412 916 036
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