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Be boat and battery safe this summer. CTEK removes the worry, so Aussies can enjoy the water

Australia is a land girth by sea and so, naturally, we Aussies love to get out on it. As the weather warms up, taking the boat out and enjoying the beautiful seascape the country has to offer is on the bucket-list for many this summer vacation. A survey by popular travel platform,, found that 55% of travelers want to go on an off-grid holiday.

But when an emergency strikes and you are out at sea with a flat battery or a dead phone battery with no access to power, packing an ultimate piece of emergency kit, including the CTEK CS FREE, will keep you connected and get you moving.

The CS FREE is an Adaptive Booster to quickly power up dead batteries, and Portable Battery Charger to charge and maintain your battery wherever you are. It can also be used as a hi-tech power bank and is designed to keep your essential devices charged and ready to go. It’s a safe-start that can be used instead of jump starting or using a traditional booster – it won’t damage the battery or the boat’s electronics. With the portable solar panel kit, you can even recharge it when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. The CS FREE can be used to charge your boat’s battery, making sure that you’ll be able to travel far and wide, or boost your battery when it’s running out of charge.

When used as a hi-tech power bank, you’ll never have to worry about uncharged devices again, just hook it up to the solar panel and you’ll never run out of power. The CS FREE can also be charged via mains electricity before leaving home, holding its charge for up to a year. While it can be used as a portable battery charger to top up a boat battery, the CS FREE also has USB-A and USB-C ports to charge mobile phones, PCs, tablets, cameras and other devices – everything that a tourer needs to keep moving and stay connected while on the water.

No matter the miles travelled, the places it’s been or the fish it’s helped its owners catch – a boat needs to stay as reliable as the day it was purchased.

Paul Oddy, APAC Regional Sales Manager for CTEK said “In Australia, we have so many amazing waterways available to us. There’s a lot of electrical equipment on a modern boat from hydraulic steering, bilge pump, navigation and anchor lights, LED strip lights for night-time fishing, fridges, pumps to run the saltwater deck wash and, of course, your sounder, radio and GPS… When you attach a CTEK charger, not only do you ensure the batteries are charged, you maintain their long-term performance. This summer, it’s more essential than ever to pack a bit of extra power when heading out and the CS FREE is that perfect bit of emergency kit. Don’t leave the dock without it.”

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