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From Sydney to St Barths, Elite Yacht Covers Offers Solution for Superyacht Owners

By Rebecca Whitlocke

UK-based Elite Yacht Covers have introduced a solution to the superyacht sector that transcends conventional yacht covers.

At the core of this revolutionary leap is their digital catalogue – a time-saving advantage ideal for superyachts cruising globally.

Yacht owners and fleet managers can order bespoke yacht covers, awnings, or canopies tailored precisely to the vessel’s specifications. This groundbreaking solution ensures a seamless ordering process and unparalleled support, regardless of whether the yacht is in Saint-Tropez, Saint Barths or any other yachting destination.

Boasting over 50 years of combined design expertise and a head-turning portfolio of over 40 projects, including famous superyachts, the advanced tech and precision used by Elite Yacht Covers are some of the reasons that luxury yachts are choosing them while undertaking global charter itineraries.

Cofounder Joe Peat says, “We use CAD design and Proliner digital measuring technologies with millimeter accuracy.

Once we have the digital catalogue of the superyacht tenders, furniture or awnings, the yacht can order covers when they are required and they are shipped out as soon as possible. We’re travelling to Mexico in the New Year to scan a 116-metre explorer yacht, so that they can call down on the covers when they need them.”

This is just the beginning, as demand from superyacht owners pushes suppliers to launch new innovations to the forefront of yacht ownership and luxury lifestyle.


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