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Brunswick to Exhibit Industry Leading ACES Technologies during the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show

Brunswick Corporation will exhibit many of its industry leading ACES technologies during the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show.

2024 Consumer Electronics Show opened yesterday and will run through until 12 January in Las Vegas.

Brunswick will be featuring the next evolution of its Autonomy, Connectivity, Electrification and Shared Access technologies and capabilities encompassing new electrification products, the next evolution of autonomous boating, and the CES debut of its new eFoiling brand – Flite, all set in a simulated marina of the future.

“We are thrilled to be exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show again in 2024” said Dave Foulkes, Chief Executive Officer, Brunswick Corporation. “CES is part of our DNA and provides an ideal global backdrop for us to unveil new technologies and highlight the synergies across our Company’s entire ecosystem of products and experiences.

Brunswick has a unique position in the industry though the breadth of its marine product lines and new technologies, and its deep presence in so many parts of the marine eco-system. The marina of the future concept demonstrates Brunswick’s astonishing portfolio in this holistic, near-future context.”

Some of the many highlights of Brunswick’s 2024 CES Exhibit will be:

Autonomy: Brunswick will showcase its Boston Whaler, 405 Conquest, featuring an autonomous docking system which makes use of multiple stereo cameras and precise thrust vectoring and position control from its triple, 600hp, V12 Mercury Marine outboard engines – a 2023 CES Innovation Award winner. In addition, Brunswick will again have a deeply immersive simulator allowing visitors to experience and interact with a busy marine environment and dock a boat using auto-docking technology.

Connectivity: Brunswick’s exhibit will profile many of its connected solutions, including C-Zone Mobile, VesselView Mobile and other award-winning connected applications that allow boaters to maintain contact with and remotely interact with their boat as well as benefit from enhanced safety features such as those featured in the CES Innovation Award winning 1st Mate Safety and Security System.

Electrification: For the first time, Brunswick will showcase all five of its Mercury Marine Avator electric outboard engines, including the 7.5e, 20e, 35e, 75e, and 110e models. The 20e and 35e are 2024 CES Innovation Award winners. The electrification exhibit will also feature Brunswick’s all-purpose Veer V13 boat powered by an Avator electric engine and four different FliteBoard models, highlighting the diversity of the exciting Flite eFoil product line.

Shared Access: Brunswick’s marine of the future exhibit concept will feature Freedom Boat Club and its global, shared-access boating participation opportunities.

“Our exhibit will demonstrate that Brunswick is committed to sustainability, provides multiple, exciting entry points to the on-water lifestyle and boating for every situation and life-stage, and brings unique, industry-leading and consumer-focused technology that is at least on par with and sometimes beyond advanced technologies in other verticals,” said Foulkes. “We are excited to be centre-stage again at CES in 2024.”