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DECKEE and ZF are Embarking on New Horizons

ZF and DECKEE have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), setting the stage for exploring the potential of Ramp Assist technology in the Australian marine market. The primary goal of this partnership is to integrate ZF’s advanced navigation technology into DECKEE´s boat app ecosystem and make a significant stride in the Australian boat market.

The collaboration aims to better understand and respond to the needs of customers as well as market developments in Australia and New Zealand. By incorporating Ramp Assist technology into DECKEE’s existing ecosystem, the partnership not only highlights the benefits of this technology but also signifies a trend towards “Easy Boating” for everyone. The planned integration marks a significant milestone for ZF Ramp Assist in the Australian market, emphasising ZF’s commitment to driving continuous improvements and user centered innovations through partnerships.

“Our collaboration with DECKEE marks a pivotal milestone in our journey towards customer validation,” said Lars Hoffmann, Product Owner at ZF Ramp Assist.

“This partnership allows us to be directly in touch with the Australian boating community, ensuring that our technology evolves in parallel with the needs of boaters,” says Daniel Biefeld, Co-Product Owner at ZF Ramp Assist.

The MoU between ZF and DECKEE marks a significant step towards the series production of ZF Ramp Assist technology, combining technical expertise with the market knowledge of both parties. This partnership opens new perspectives for the boating markets in Australia and New Zealand, promoting safety and availability, and laying the foundation for forward-looking developments in boating, driven by technological innovations and the pursuit of water safety.

“Our mission at DECKEE is to help boaters stay safe, informed, and enjoy their time on the water. We’re excited to partner with ZF to explore innovative new ways of leveraging our combined technology to drive measurable economic, public safety, and environmental outcomes,” says Mike McKiernan, CEO of DECKEE.