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Manitou Redefines Design and Sets a New Standard as BOATING Magazine’s Pontoon Boat of the Year

In the USA, Manitou pontoon boats designed and built by BRP, announced its latest accolade as the Manitou Explore MAX has been honoured with the esteemed “Boat of the Year” award in the pontoon boat category by BOATING Magazine. This prestigious recognition underscores BRP’s commitment to innovation, design excellence, and unparalleled boating experiences.

“The Manitou 24 Explore MAX takes pontoon-boat ownership to another place,” says Kevin Falvey, Editorial Director, BOATING Magazine. “Powered by twin 150 hp Rotax S outboards, this ‘toon offers sporty performance and the convenience of a joystick for docking control. But most importantly, the wide-open MAX deck provides pontoon buyers the ability to choose wide-open access to the water, as well as wide-open views.”

The Explore MAX stands out as a flagship model in the 2024 Manitou lineup, boasting an array of cutting-edge features that redefine on-water enjoyment for families. Its hallmark feature, the MAX Deck, sets new standards in space utilization, providing an extended area that fulfills every conceivable family need or desire.

One of the standout components of the Explore MAX is its dual Rotax S outboard engines with iDOCK, combining robust power with efficiency. These engines not only deliver exceptional performance but also ensure a smooth, responsive ride, making it an ideal choice for boaters seeking both power and comfort.

Innovation shines through various enhancements incorporated into the 2024 Explore models. Among these innovations are:

  • MAX Deck Design: The Explore MAX’s revolutionary MAX Deck offers an unparalleled platform for family gatherings, leisure activities, and entertainment. With abundant space and versatile configurations, it redefines how families can enjoy their time on the water.
  • Dual Rotax S Outboard Engines with iDock joystick piloting system: These engines provide the Explore MAX with an optimal balance of power, fuel efficiency, and reliability. The dual engine setup ensures exceptional performance while maintaining maneuverability and responsiveness.
  • Cutting-Edge Features: Beyond the MAX Deck and powerful engines, the 2024 Explore models incorporate state-of-the-art amenities, intuitive technology, and meticulous attention to detail. From luxurious seating options to advanced entertainment systems, every aspect is crafted to elevate the boating experience

“We are immensely proud to receive the pontoon category ‘Boat of the Year’ award from BOATING Magazine for our Manitou Explore MAX,” said Jens Housley, Global Product Strategy Manager, Manitou. “This recognition reaffirms our unwavering commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing boaters with the ultimate on-water experiences. The Explore MAX represents the pinnacle of our craftsmanship, merging space, power, and luxury seamlessly.”

The Manitou Explore MAX’s acknowledgement as the “Boat of the Year” in the pontoon boat category further solidifies BRP’s position as an industry leader, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the marine industry. This category win puts Manitou as one of six finalists for the overall Boat of the Year award, which will be announced at the Miami International Boat Show this February.

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