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Retrofitting automation in drystack operation is easy

At a marina, there’s no better use of space for storing boats than a drystack facility, but they can be maintenance- and personnel-heavy. Replacing forklifts with a semi-automated CAPRIA Ground-Running Stacker Crane can greatly increase productivity. Getting customers’ boats in the water in a fraction of the time it would take a forklift contributes directly to profitability, an increased bottom line and happier customers.

Due to the geometry of the crane’s pivot, it can move boats 10′ longer than a forklift can within the same aisle space. Additionally, CAPRIA cranes are electric, so forklift fuel and storage are eliminated. Plus, the quiet, odor-free machinery requires far less maintenance. When factoring in the 30+ year lifespan of a CAPRIA system versus a 10-year forklift life, it’s easy to see how marinas can quickly recoup their investment.

With a CAPRIA drystack solution, the crane operator is always at eye level with the vessel, eliminating blind spots a forklift driver often faces. Clearer sight lines reduce the potential for accidents and angry boat owners. Installing a CAPRIA Ground-Running Stacker Crane into an existing drystack shed is also very straightforward. Rails are placed on both sides of the aisle, on gravel, asphalt or concrete.

Once the boat is pulled from the shed, it’s placed on a CAPRIA launcher. Three versions accommodate virtually any water access. Frontal Launchers are perfect for sites with steep embankments and/or extreme tidal fluctuations. For narrow waterways with limited space, such as a canal, Lateral Launchers lower the boat parallel to the water’s edge. Finally, Rotary Launchers are ideal for marinas that have pedestrian and vehicular traffic between the shed and the shore; the boat is moved up and over obstacles.

A typical CAPRIA drystack solution consisting of one crane and two launchers per 250–300 boats can move up to 30 vessels per hour. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, CE-certified, the system accommodates vessels up to 13m L and 9,980kg. Available worldwide, a system can be installed and operational in only 10 days.

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CAPRIA S.A. has manufactured precision heavy machinery for over 50 years, including marine systems for over 20 years. With low-cost drystack installations around the world, it has a proven record of solidly improving profits for its customers.