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Bronze Aussie goes Hydraulic

A big 4” NiAl bronze self priming pump with hydraulic drive has been released by Australian Pump Industries.  Aussie is a major supplier of marine specific pump equipment and is a major supplier and service station for most Navy platforms.

The new pump called the B4XRA/B HYD34 produces 2200lpm and can operate at up to 42psi. It can also lift water through a vertical suction lift of 6m.

The Big 4” Bronze Pump is ready for Life at Sea!

“Aussie’s new pump has a lot of advantages for the Marine Industry” says Aussie Pumps Chief Engineer John Hales.

“The pumps self prime. You can see from the big tank that’s designed into the body.  When the product is properly primed it will have no trouble fulfilling its suction responsibilities in any installation,” he said.

Hales went on to point out that the suction port covers is flanged onto the front of the body.  By removing 7 bolts access to the pump for clean out can be easily accomplished without inconvenience.

“Most vessels today have Hydraulic capabilities. The hydraulic motor, 34cc/rpm at 100bar (12.5kw) is all that it needs to drive it,” said Hales.

Apart from reliability the major advantages of hydraulic drives are the flexibility of mounting. Hydraulic lines are flexible, so ship designers are not hampered by shaft or belt drives.

The machine comes complete with a top quality mechanical seal with carbon/alumina faces, nitrile elastomers and 316 stainless steel seal casing.

There is a Viton seal option available as well for applications like “oily bilge” pump out.

Aussie Pumps expects the new bronze pump to be a big success, with applications for barges, ferries, tugs, fishing boats and aquaculture projects.

Information on the hydraulic range, which begins with 2” pumps, is readily available from Australian Pump Industries.

“We are working on a 316 stainless steel version as well. This may be of interest to some tankers in exceptionally corrosive environments,” said Hales.

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