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Quick marketing tips from Rebecca


Marketing professionals will tell business owners WHY they should do marketing, but no one ever gives specifics about the HOW.

The result is to drive sales and serve your end customers better.

Effective marketing is driven by analytics, customer behaviour and strategy, however, I’ve never met a yachting CEO yet who is happy to sit down and dissect a 25-page marketing report filled with bar graphs!

I’ve always aimed to get away from these self-serving marketing strategies where people sit in meetings spouting outdated acronyms that nobody understands, talking about KPIs and strategy – their content can stagnate because they go around in circles and cannot sign things off.

I am not a ‘YES’ person.

I am a “That’s not working because XYZ and this is the solution” person and all of my clients get direct advice without a silver coating.

↪︎ You need to budget intelligently and give the marketing person (or team) the support they need to do their job.

↪︎ Likes are not enough. You need to focus on impact, not just activity.

↪︎ Your marketing must educate, inform, and inspire.

↪︎ You need to work smart if you want to increase your brand awareness, company growth and incoming leads.

Even if you have a limited budget, there are actions you can do today which can help you grow and build trust in your company.

✅ Take a look at my slides below for “7 Ways To Increase People’s Trust In Your Company”.

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Rebecca Whitlocke is a media and marketing expert.   Rebecca founded Antibes Yachting which is a community platform focused on brand support for yachting companies in Antibes, France.  
Antibes Yachting offers years of experience working with premium businesses including superyacht companies, world-class events, private aviation and luxury travel suppliers.
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