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Runaway boat safely returned by Volunteer Marine Rescue South Australia

An unusual tasking with a terrific outcome performed by a diligent crew from the SA Sea Rescue Squadron West Beach Flotilla recently.

The alarm was raised by the South Australia Police following a male and sole occupant of a boat having swum for over an hour to shore in the Lonsdale area, where he was able to raise the alarm with members of the public that he’d fallen overboard from his quite sizeable boat while it was still ‘underway’ some distance off shore, last seen heading for the horizon, although not at any great speed.

Fortunately, a volunteer crew happened to be at the Squadron at West Beach conducting some maintenance at the time and mobilised immediately following the call from SAPOL, eventually locating the boat still merrily steaming away toward the middle of the Gulf.

A plan to board the vessel and bring it under control went seamlessly, eventually taking it in tow and back to its safe haven at Holdfast Shores, where it was reunited with the slightly embarrassed owner.

VMRSA said “there’s some take-home lessons but we’re grateful that everything turned out well”.

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