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18ft Skiff champion’s revolutionary catamaran

Former World 18ft Skiff champion’s revolutionary catamaran set to transform the trailer boat market – official launch at SCIBS 2024

A ground-breaking innovation in trailer boat design is on the horizon with the introduction of the Tomahawk, a single engine, asymmetric hull catamaran designed by world-class skiff champion and sailing luminary Scott Ramsden.

The Tomahawk is characterised by its distinctive reverse rake bows, superior sea keeping and soft riding hulls, and Marine Grade aluminium super structure, said Mr Ramsden, owner of leading aluminium boat designers and builders Blue Diamond Marine on the Gold Coast.

Renowned within sailing circles, he achieved the distinction of becoming the youngest skipper ever to clinch the 18ft Skiff World Titles at 17 years old. His illustrious sailing career boasts multiple championship victories across the 18ft skiff categories.

While a traditional catamaran used for leisure activities features two hulls with dual engines behind each to minimise tunnel disturbance, Mr Ramsden and his marine design engineer Austin Kell have reimagined the design to optimise performance and stability.

“A few have attempted to integrate a single engine in the middle of a double hull, but it’s been really hard to get right,” said the skiff champion and qualified carpenter and joiner. “We’ve produced an asymmetrical hull instead of a symmetrical hull, with a single engine, and designed a water deflector mechanism that is placed in the middle of the tunnel to ensure optimum clean water flow clean water flow to the props, eliminating any cavitation issues.

“The result is a catamaran with increased width and comfort but lots of stability, and less emissions, maintenance and expense. It’s a very smooth ride with a quality not a tinny feel and we anticipate it will revolutionise the trailer boat market.”

An innovator in the marine industry

Mr Ramsden took on the challenge of designing and building the first ever purpose-built camera boat for the 18ft Grand Prix sailing circuit. It came with a specially trained skipper who knew every move the crew were about to make to minimise any disadvantage to the sailors and guarantee good clean racing but deliver prime media footage. The camera boats were so well received that Mr Ramsden was contracted by the 2000 Sydney Olympics to supply four boats and professional skippers to film the sailing.

After retiring from competitive racing, sailing regattas Australia-wide contracted Mr Ramsden to be the number one media/camera boat giving audiences the amazing experience of being close up and personal with the on-water and onboard action.

Over more than two decades, he covered at major sailing regattas, partnering with race sponsors including Audi, to provide a bird’s eye view of competitive sailing. His bespoke, award-winning boats also became synonymous with excellence in the tourism sector.

Delivering a high performance, eco-friendly trailerboat

Since founding Blue Diamond Marine four years ago, Mr Ramsden and his team have undertaken specialised commissions including the largest glass bottom boat in Australia designed to for shallow reef exploration.

“However, designing the prototype for the Tomahawk with Austin Kell marks the culmination of my lifelong dedication to sailing and accumulated expertise,” he said. “I firmly believe our company leads the world in innovative designs and construction and, with the Tomahawk, we have achieved something that has previously only been a pipedream.”

The Tomahawk, available at an approximate starting price of $110,000 with an aluminium trailer, offers full customisable options. Ranging from 4 to 7.5m in length with various deck layouts, it includes a centre console, T Top cuddy cabin, hard top and bow rider.

Mr Ramsden will unveil this industry-first catamaran at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show from May 23 to 26.