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Marine Rescue QLD Implementation Program calling for feedback

As part of their ongoing commitment to enhancing marine rescue operations, Marine Rescue QLD are reaching out to gather your valuable insights. Your feedback is crucial in steering the future of their efforts and ensuring they meet the community’s needs effectively.

Why your feedback matters?

You’ve seen their teams in action and understand the challenges they face in marine rescue. By sharing your thoughts, you help them gauge how well they’re communicating and where they can improve. This isn’t just about making their day-to-day operations smoother; it’s about ensuring that their mission resonates with those who matter most – you and our community.

How can you help?

It only takes a few minutes to complete their sentiment survey. Every question you answer provides them with the information they need to enhance their strategies and communication. Your honest feedback will directly influence how they operate and connect with everyone involved.

Click here to take the Survey

By participating, you’re not just filling out a form; you’re taking a step towards solving the real challenges they face in marine rescue. Help them understand your perspective better.