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The Future is Strong with TECHNIGLUE Adhesives

ATL Composites is the reputable Australian formulator for a range of epoxy resin products, including the proven TECHNIGLUE high strength adhesives.

Techniglue is relied on by some of the world’s most recognised boat builders, including the GB Group, comprising Palm Beach Motor Yachts and Grand Banks, who have used the Techniglue range for over 30 years.

Alan Clark, a qualified shipwright with over three decades’ experience in luxury yachts and commercial boat building, is in charge of Service and Warranty for GB Marine Group. He says the Techniglue products are vital to the construction of their world-class vessels.

“Palm Beach Motor Yachts and Mark Richards have a 30-year association with ATL composites,” he states. “The reason we prefer to use their products over other brands is very simple: reliability, strength and ease of use.

“Both the Techniglue R60 and R15 offer high bond strength, good open time and ease of use. With the high heat and humidity, Malaysia is a challenging environment for composite boat building. The ATL products we use up there perform well in that environment.”

Techniglue R60 is available in a variety of pack sizes, or in convenient, self-mixing cartridge packs for quick, mess fee application. It is suitable for bonding structural elements fabricated from timber, fibreglass, concrete and metal. Apart from wide use in the Marine industry, it is commonly used in Civil construction for mechanical fastenings and laminated beams, and for Industrial applications where the thixotropic nature of the adhesive provides good gap-filling and hold-up on vertical surfaces.

Techniglue R15 is a toughened high strength structural adhesive for bonding metals, particularly aluminium and steel, which increases the peel strength of the bond. It can also be used for metal to composite, or composite to composite applications and has a choice of three hardeners – Standard and Slow, and the H15 Super Slow which provides extended pot life and working times when working in high temperatures or on larger projects.

As Alan explains, “We use R15 for the bonding of large structural parts very early on in the build process, right the way through to the bonding of the hull and deck. We use Techniglue for all joinery work and the laying of teak decks.

In addition, the technical experts at ATL Composites are always on hand for product information and advice about techniques.

“One of the reasons for the longevity of the relationship between PBMY and ATL is the information and technical support we are given from the factory,” says Alan.