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Australian Marine Complex reaches 21-year milestone

Western Australia’s Australian Marine Complex (AMC) has reached a major milestone, marking two decades of successful operation and support for some of the State’s biggest and most important industries.

The AMC Common User Facility offers heavy load out berth infrastructure, fabrication and assembly facilities, significant laydown areas and a floating dock and transfer system.

Located in Henderson, 23 kilometres south of the Perth CBD, the AMC is home to the nation’s largest integrated marine industry and one of only two naval shipbuilding locations in Australia.

The AMC, which is managed by Development WA’s Industrial Lands Authority on behalf of the State Government, plays a pivotal role in supporting the manufacturing, fabrication, assembly and maintenance requirements of Western Australia’s defence, marine, energy and resources industries.

More than 700 businesses have established short or long-term operations at the AMC – contributing more than $3 billion to the WA economy, and directly creating more than 50,000 jobs.

The AMC is also recognised as a global centre of excellence and the southern hemisphere’s premier integrated marine industrial facility.

With a strategic location in the heart of WA’s premier coastal industrial corridor, the AMC has supported the delivery of 42 key projects including many critical to the State’s oil and gas and defence industries.

The AMC has also supported the docking and berthing of a range of commercial vessels, as well as the build and maintenance of superyachts, ferries, tugs, rescue, patrol and offshore supply vessels.

The AMC is made up of 5 precincts

The AMC is home to leading commercial shipbuilders and is uniquely positioned close to major industrial parks, with businesses benefiting from a highly skilled workforce and world-class infrastructure.

The complex extends over 5 precincts;

  • Shipbuilding
  • Fabrication
  • Support
  • Technology
  • Recreational Boating

The 400,000-square metre integrated heavy engineering and fabrication and assembly facility provides infrastructure and support for multiple users, including laydown areas, fabrication halls, workshops and offices, off-load and load-out wharves, and vessel berths, and is available on a project-by-project basis.

Lands Minister John Carey said “With 21 years of successful operation, the Australian Marine Complex demonstrates the State Government’s commitment to diversify Western Australia’s economy and create more jobs across a range of industries.

“The AMC is a unique and world-class facility that has made a significant contribution to the State’s defence, marine and resources industries and put our capabilities on the global map.

“The Complex has seen continued and exponential growth since 2003, delivering some $3 billion in economic benefits to Western Australians and creating more than 50,000 jobs.”

Defence Industry Minister Paul Papalia said “The AMC CUF has been crucial for Australia’s defence needs, having been integral to key Royal Australian Navy sustainment requirements and increased capabilities.

“The first-class facility not only ensures excellence but also contributes to keeping jobs local and will be an essential asset for Western Australia and its pivotal role in the historic AUKUS alliance.”