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E1 and QiOn Elevate Partnership, Accelerating Sustainable Electric Boat Racing

The UIM E1 World Championship, the world’s first all-electric powerboat championship, has announced an enhanced partnership with QiOn, a global leader in high-power, ultrafast EV charging solutions. QiOn, originally the Official Charging Supplier, will now serve as the Official Charging Partner for the championship, further solidifying its commitment to sustainable racing and cutting-edge technology.

QiOn’s innovative charging infrastructure has been powering E1 since its inception. By equipping E1 with robust, weather-resistant chargers, QiOn has enabled the high-speed action across diverse global race locations, showcasing the exciting potential of electric powerboat racing. The strengthened partnership signifies a shared vision for a sustainable future for motorsports, combining thrilling competition with environmentally responsible practices.

“We are delighted to see the partnership between QiOn and E1 strengthen even further, together we are continuing our shared vision to accelerate electric mobility and I’m excited to see what this season, and the many ahead, bring” says Rodi Basso, CEO and co-founder of E1.

QiOn’s specially developed portable superfast DC charger “The QUBE”, a showcase of their engineering expertise, provides the rapid charging capabilities crucial for the demanding race environment. These mobile EV chargers are not only fast but also adaptable, with a waterproof chassis and Marine and Polar protection technologies ensuring optimal performance across various port conditions and climates.

The collaboration between QiOn and the E1 Series extends beyond simply supplying chargers. The two organizations have worked hand-in-hand to refine the QUBE technology, ensuring it meets the unique requirements of electric boat racing. This partnership is a testament to the innovation that emerges when two industry leaders unite to drive progress.

“Our partnership with the E1 Series highlights the transformative power of advanced charging technology in driving a sustainable future for the marine industry and beyond, QiOn remains dedicated to leading this charge towards widespread electrification and a sustainable world” says Ludovico Finotto, CEO of QiOn.