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Floatspace launch industry first “live run-sheets”

Floatspace launch industry first “live run-sheets” resulting in fast, high volume bookings for boat owners.

Floatspace, Australian online boating platform, has announced the launch of `live run-sheets’ to boat operators, enabling them to take advantage of its industry leading tech.

Floatspace is an Australian online platform that enables people to easily book a boat for any event on the water. Powered by its proprietary technology “Boatbooked ” it streamlines the customer journey from initial inquiry to boarding the boat, with real-time availability, live pricing, and automation, creating a seamless experience for both customers and boat owners. Having now delivered “live run-sheets”, operators and customers can view real time changes, enabling them to save time, view key data and process faster bookings.

“We’re a two sided marketplace and that means our focus and care covers both our boat operators and customers” Says Treseder. Our tech has delivered some excellent results and enables a seamless booking process, now with the addition of “live run-sheets’ ‘ meaning real time updates are seen instantly by both operators and customers. This can be simple updates such as wharf numbers through to critical information that is shared quickly and securely. Not only is this available to the customer booking, it can now be shared to the entire group onboard, meaning everyone has the information and some clever organic growth marketing happens in parallel. “When you realise the power of automation and are able to harness it to drive excellent customer service, it’s exciting to watch” Says Treseder.

Floatspace now in its 7th year of operation. Customers receive a fully automated quote, real time availability and live pricing with all variables, enabling quick and effective bookings. Floatspace say that “from the moment you enquire to a fully personalised quote ready to book and pay, it’s 60 seconds. To take things to the next level, the “live run sheet” enables boats and customers to see real time updates and changes on their bookings, meaning more time can be spent enjoying the event. No more texts, emails, phone calls and waiting.”

The business plans to further develop its technology and platform capability, activate new revenue streams and scale its product and marketing operations in the Australian and overseas markets.

For more information about Floatspace visit their website HERE