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Groupe Beneteau accelerates connectivity

Groupe Beneteau accelerates connectivity by enriching its Seanapps application with a dozen new sensors for safer, more comfortable and more sustainable navigation

World leader in the yachting industry, Groupe Beneteau has launched in 2019 an application dedicated to the monitoring and predictive maintenance of its boats christened Seanapps. Available on more than 8,000 boats and through 500 dealers, this connected application continues its development and is equipped with a new range of twelve sensors designed to enhance safety and comfort on board and to reduce the environmental footprint of boats. Thanks to these new sensors, owners all over the world will now be able to access more information about their boat in real time (energy performance, access points, temperature, humidity, etc.), directly from their smartphone. The Vendée-based group’s ambition is to equip 20,000 boats by 2025, and eventually connect its entire network to Seanapps.

Seanapps’ development at the service of Groupe Beneteau’s CSR approach

The analyses provided by Seanapps play an essential role in the integration of the environmental dimension within the Groupe Beneteau, and will enable it to achieve its environmental preservation and sustainability objectives, in line with its global B-Sustainable initiative. Assessing the environmental impact of pleasure boats is an essential step in achieving this goal. The data collected thanks to this digital solution offers an in-depth understanding of boat usage habits, effectively guiding the Group’s strategy towards more responsible choices, thus guiding the Group’s teams on the path to designing more responsible and sustainable boats. By integrating this data right from the design process, the Groupe Beneteau is actively committed to meeting environmental challenges while responding to the needs of boaters.

“Groupe Beneteau’s ambition is to play a leading role in the transformation of the nautical sector and in the evolution of uses to fully meet environmental challenges. The use of data collected thanks to the increasingly advanced functionalities of our Seanapps connected application enables us to offer a more comfortable, safer and more environmentally-friendly sailing experience. With this application, Groupe Beneteau has the largest connected fleet in the world. This enables us to feed a revolutionary database that guides our product teams in the development of new models.” – Gianguido Girotti, General Manager of Groupe Beneteau’s Boat Division.

Seanapps also aims to actively engage in dialogue with key players such as NGOs and the scientific community, in order to work together to address key issues such as oceanographic research, water quality and the protection of biodiversity.

Twelve new sensors enable owners to optimise the environmental impact, safety and comfort of their boats

This new version of Seanapps makes a significant contribution to boat owners seeking to reduce their environmental footprint. New engine and battery sensors not only improve operational efficiency and simplify preventive maintenance, they also raise awareness of the impact of boating on the environment. Owners can now draw up an energy balance sheet for their boats and closely monitor their environmental footprint, identifying potential inefficiencies or failures, for example.

The new sensors added to the Seanapps application also enhance boat safety. Specially designed for security-conscious boat owners, several sensors will now monitor access points such as doors, portholes and hatches, and send notifications in the event of opening or movement detected on board. Anti-theft sensors can be installed on outboard motors and tenders, to regularly check the presence of equipment and alert the user in the event of loss of Bluetooth connection.

Finally, the new Seanapps range of sensors includes devices designed to enhance on-board comfort. For example, the temperature and humidity sensor will be able to accurately measure these parameters, enabling owners to create a pleasant environment in living spaces and prevent problems such as mold. Compact and easy to install, this device accurately measures temperature and humidity, updating data every 60 seconds. The air-conditioning ignition sensor, meanwhile, will send alerts in the event of a malfunction in the air-conditioning power supply, ensuring optimum comfort at all times.

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