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MIA Climate Ready Guidebook

The Marina Industries Association (MIA), with funding from Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA), has developed a Climate Ready Guidebook to help marina owners and operators transition to a low carbon economy and build resilience in their infrastructure and operations to mitigate the increasing weather-related climate impacts.

As the MIA’s Environmental Partner, BMT and MIA have worked together to develop the Climate Ready Guidebook in a style and format that is simple to use and similar to other MIA Clean Marina and Fish Friendly guidance material. The Guidebook will be officialy launched at Marinas24.

The Climate Ready Guidebook is now available for MIA members to download here.

MIA Salary Survey

MIA members are asked to complete the Salary Survey now here to avoid missing out on this valuable business data. Closes Tuesday 7th May 2024!

The MIA, throughout any given survey year, always has numerous enquiries from marinas and yards about the data from its survey. Our answer always remains the same, “you complete the survey, and you get the results”. It’s our simple rule that helps those who engage with industry research, such as surveys!

Those members who participate in the survey will be provided a copy of the results free of charge as soon as they are collated. A summary of the results will also be presented at Marinas24 at the end of May.

The survey results are not available to any marina or yard that did not contribute to the data! We encourage all members to complete the survey as accurately as possible.

Australian MIA Members – Annual General Meeting

Australian MIA members were sent an email (subject: Marina Industries Association – 2024 Annual General Meeting) on the 26th of April, notifying them that voting for the Annual General Meeting is now open and will remain open until AEST 5.00pm, Monday 13 May 2024.

We ask that you take a moment to participate in the meeting by reviewing the meeting documents and voting on the resolutions. There are three resolutions proposed in the agenda, two of which require members to cast a vote on the ballot. Links to the voting are within the email sent to members and a reminder will be sent out on Monday 7th May.