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The BIA Victoria AGM

The Victorian BIA held their AGM recently on Tuesday 23 April at Royal Brighton Yacht Club.

The BIA say that “a clear highlight for the evening was the awarding of Life Membership to Fran Hynes AM.”

Fran, a five-decade, dedicated administrator and leader in the waterski space was presented the award by fellow Life Member Peter Buckingham, and President Scott O’Hare. Delighted with the honour, Fran reflected on her many years of friendships, and great outcomes for skiers and the ski boat aspect of the industry, over the years. Many of Fran’s family members and Vic Waterski Association colleagues were also in attendance. Both Peter and Scott praised Fran’s efforts over the years, her continued support to BIAV, and the impact her work influenced in terms of waterski participation, event development, water ski boat sales, accessory and trailer sales, and much more. Fran joins the distinguished list as its first female member.

The AGM also saw the re-election of Scott O’Hare, Michael Neumann, Michelle Reid, Anthony Cooke, and Peter Buckingham to the Board.

They continue a stable Board period along with the two appointed Board members in Daved Lambert and Neil James.

In his President’s report, Scott O’Hare reflected on some of the highlights for the year, including the successful Melbourne Boat Show, further enhanced advocacy work and government relations, the launch of Boating Careers, the BIAV ‘road-show’, and excellent Board and member engagement. Scott reflected on the tough economic and business conditions, however praised the industry on its endurance and sustainability.

CEO Steve Walker echoed many of Scott’s comments and added detail in relation to BIAV’s three major priority areas.

Those being, in brief, Boating Careers, Advocacy work, and Boat Show/s development. Steve went on to present the financial report and investment update. The on-budget result, even after the cyber fraud incident reported last year, was acknowledged and accepted by members. The deficit for the year being seen as a worthy investment in the industry in a tough time. Both Scott and Steve thanked the Board, Committees, staff and engaged members for all 2023 input and effort.

Members enjoyed a great catch up and drink as the meeting concluded after a celebration of Fran Hyne’s elevation to Life Member, as well as a tribute to the late Board member Franz Grasser who passed away in September.

The Board will convene in the next two weeks to elect the President and vice-president. Scott O’Hare is expected to return for another year as President, continuing the theme of stable BIAV governance and leadership.