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Councillor Naomi Fowler delivers positive address to industry

As a marine industry, our prosperity is at times influenced by government representatives, at all levels. The role of advocacy is to ensure that they are informed and aware of our industry position so should support be required, they are informed in advance and familiar with our sector.

During my visit to Sanctuary Cove, it was encouraging to hear Councillor Naomi Fowler address the industry. Councillor Fowler has a broad remit serving on several council committees including Council of the City of Gold Coast, Special Budget, Planning & Regulation, Economy, Tourism & Events (Deputy Chairperson) and Governance, Administration & Finance

Councillor Fowler’s address was well informed and to the point. I first heard Councillor Fowler at the opening of the address at the Australian Superyacht Marine Export Conference 2024.

This is what she had to say.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Australian Superyacht Marine Export Conference 2024. It’s an honour to represent our city and be with you all at this spectacular backdrop this evening.

Councillor Naomi Fowler

Welcome to the Gold Coast, home to the largest concentration of marine trades in Australia.

With more than 450 marine companies employing more than 5000 staff, the Gold Coast is the leading recreational marine industry hub in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our city boasts more than 250 hectares dedicated to manufacturing, refit, and refurbishment businesses, alongside 10 commercial marinas and 125 superyacht berths, including a 163m mega-yacht berth. As a customs clearance port of entry, the Gold Coast’s mature marine industry contributes more than $1.2 billion annually to our economy.

With 57 kilometres of pristine coastline, an iconic protected Broadwater, and 260 kilometres of navigable waterways, the Gold Coast is a premier boating city, home to more than 40,000 registered watercraft and a popular destination for visiting superyachts.

Centred at the Gold Coast Marine Precinct in Coomera, our industry is renowned for producing luxury motor yachts from Riviera and Maritimo to innovative trailer boats and tinnies. Our manufacturers supply high-quality hardware, accessories, lighting, and dock flotation systems used in yachts and marinas worldwide.

Our city actively promotes itself as a premier destination for superyachts, attracting these magnificent vessels to our beautiful waters and vibrant community. By showcasing our world-class facilities and exceptional marine services, we aim to position the Gold Coast as a top choice for superyacht owners and enthusiasts worldwide.

We are committed to funding critical infrastructure projects, such as the mega-yacht berth at the Southport Yacht Club. This state-of-the-art facility enhances our capacity to accommodate larger vessels, reinforcing our reputation as a leading marine city.

To support our local exporters, we manage an Export Assistance Program and organise Foreign Trade Missions. These initiatives help our local industry expand their reach into international markets, fostering global connections and driving economic growth.

We also prioritise maintaining and improving access to our marine facilities through comprehensive dredging programs. These efforts ensure that our waterways remain navigable, allowing smooth and safe passage for all marine traffic.

Recognising the importance of talent and training, we support various initiatives, including the Marine Careers Day. This event encourages young people to pursue careers in the marine industry, ensuring a steady pipeline of skilled professionals for the future.

In our pursuit of sustainable growth, we are exploring opportunities such as the Gold Coast Northern Marine Precinct.

Finally, we manage a Business Investment Attraction Program designed to bring new businesses to the Gold Coast. By strengthening our supply chains and diversifying our economy, this program enhances our resilience and ensures continued prosperity for our community.

We proudly support industry events like ASMEX and the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. If you wish to learn more about the city’s support for the marine industry and opportunities to relocate your business here, please speak with our Invest Gold Coast team, led by Jeff McAlister. Our mission is to accelerate economic growth and facilitate major investments, making the Gold Coast the best city to invest, live, work, and experience.

Thank you and enjoy the evening.”

For more information about Councillor Fowler visit her website HERE

by Domenic Genua – Publisher MBN