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First Candela C-8 Polestar Edition Delivered – Redefining Electric Luxury on the Water

Electric hydrofoil boat maker Candela has delivered the first produced Candela C-8 Polestar edition – a limited design edition of Candela’s C-8 in collaboration with electric performance car brand Polestar.

Revealed publicly for the first time in 2023, this iconic vessel manifests the two Swedish brands collaboration in design and tech. Per a previous agreement, Polestar already supplies the batteries and charging technology to Candela’s leisure vessels.

The C-8 Polestar edition takes this collaboration further, with a specially designed interior and upholstery which brings Polestar’s expression of Scandinavian luxury to the marine industry. A new solid grey exterior colour complimented by a lighter grey tone for interior areas gives the C-8 Polestar edition a sleek and uniform look which is strengthened by the use of the same marine-certified textile everywhere, from seats, cushions and sunbeds to wall and cabin roof panels.

The bespoke seat upholstery, designed by Polestar’s design department draw inspiration from the sculpted seats of the automotive world, and offers outstanding comfort and enhances the experience of a smooth and silent ride in an electric hydrofoil boat.

To emphasise the innovative technology and performance from Candela, the hydrofoils are painted in the iconic Swedish gold colour that characterises the performance details of Polestar’s cars.

“Candela’s hydrofoil technology is a paradigm shift for sustainable performance in the marine industry. Like the first time driving an electric car, you instantly feel that this is the future when the boat ‘takes off’ – and now with the special gold details that we so proudly exhibit on our cars,” says Maximilian Missoni, Head of Design at Polestar.

“We’re extremely proud to be working with the brilliant teams at Polestar. We share a common goal of moving the world in a more sustainable direction. Design is an extremely powerful tool, as it can persuade people to make the right choice. In C-8 Polestar edition, we have the most desirable leisure boat on the market, in every respect, says Gustav Hasselskog, CEO & founder Candela.

Technology, Performance and Sustainability unite

Candela and Polestar already have a technical collaboration, as all Candela C-8’s – including C-8 Polestar edition – employ the 69 kWh battery and charging hardware from the Standard range Single motor Polestar 2 to realise a range of up to 57 nautical miles (65 US miles) on one charge at a cruising speed of 22 knots. This compares favourably with traditional powerboats, and comes with a high-speed range 2-3 times longer than conventional electric speedboats, thanks to the hydrofoils that reduce water friction. The Candela C-8 uses Candela’s new, efficient 100 kW electric direct drive pod motor– the Candela C-POD – and ‘flies’ on computer-guided hydrofoils that lift the hull above the water at high speeds, reducing energy consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional motorboats.

Thanks to utilizing the same fast charging capabilities as the Polestar 2, the Candela C-8 Polestar edition can charge its battery from 10-80% state of charge (soc) in less than 30 minutes, which allows it to cover long distances given access to marine DC charging networks – as shown last fall when a Polestar-powered Candela C-8 prototype covered 420 nautical miles in a day.

Software Defined Vessel

The C-8 Polestar edition is fully connected, and is continually enhanced with Over-The-Air updates. When foiling, Candela’s Flight Controller computer automatically adjusts the angle of attack of the hydrofoils to keep the boat steady even in waves and wind, leading to a dramatically smoother and quieter ride over waves. The hydrofoils can be retracted by the push of a button on the C-8’s User interface, for trailering or entering a shallow port.

Amenities and comfort

The Candela C-8 Polestar edition comes either as an open daycruiser, a T-top version or as a weather-protected hardtop version crafted from carbon fibre, with a retractable roof for sunny days. A spacious cockpit provides seating for up to eight people on three individual seats and an aft sofa. A sunbed provides space for two. The forward cabin sleeps up to two adults and two children.

The Candela C-8 Polestar edition is available online in the Polestar Additionals webshop, or at, and is sold and delivered by Candela. Pricing starts from EUR 400,000/ USD 450,000. Production takes place at Candela’s factory in Stockholm, Sweden, and deliveries are expected from June 2024.

Candela C-8 Polestar Edition Specifications

Material Carbon fiber

Battery 69 kWh from Polestar 2

Weight 1750 kg version

Passengers 8 persons including driver

Length 8.50 m

Width 2.50 m

Speed 22 kn cruise, 27 kn top

Motor Candela C-Pod (100 kW for take-off)

Range 57 NM (US 65 miles) at cruising speed

Draft 0.5 m in shallow mode
0,8 m while foiling
1.5 m while not foiling, foils extended

Charging 230Vx3x32A: 2,5h,

DC charging 10-80% in 30 minutes