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New horizons – taking the Maritimo pedigree and feel to an even wider range of owners

With Maritimo’s milestone 20th Anniversary drawing to a close, it is time to see how Maritimo is positioned for the next chapter in its evolution.

Innovation, holding fast to the core values that have so successfully underpinned the growth to date, and looking out to new horizons to continue the expansion, are very much the key determinants. Robust financials and continual facilities upgrades, along with new models built from customer feedback, are also integral, as well as elevating the prestige of the brand’s positioning from a customer journey point of view.

Tactilely and visually Maritimo’s new interior packages represent all of the above, as well as increasing the appeal to new-to-the-brand customers in the significant markets that have not enjoyed the full Maritimo development over the last two decades.

In a word, it is exciting. Maritimo’s Operations Manager, Phil Candler said, “Customers, dealers, our design team and management all looked at the 50s we have made in the past, and assessed the competition to see where the new craft would fit. The new M and S50 models are in customer feedback mode at the moment. After sharing the information with them through our dealer network, we are delighted that there are already twenty expressions of interest.”

“Over the course of the next month, we will begin our focus groups to really understand exactly what our customers require. This will mean we will begin manufacture in 2025, with a release date in 2026. Our selection of a pair of Volvo-Penta D13 800hp engines, along with the two-cabin layout have been very well received.”

“The S51 was our largest selling single level vessel of all time, and accounted for 40% of production at the time, so we do expect the new S50 to follow that mark. Being a bigger volume boat all around and in every space on board will certainly make sure of that, and the pair of 800s have enough power to make it a delight to drive. Of course, both of these new 50s will benefit from our learnings with our Flagship 75s, and you can also see that in the new Black Edition M55, M60, and M600.”

Addressing the future, specifically, Candler added, “I think Maritimo has a significant opportunity globally. We collaborate heavily with engine and technology companies to produce vessels that we have developed; the style, the look, the function, the fit, and the form all has a lot of longevity in it. There are still markets for us to expand into, and we can continue to manufacture at the rate we are going, all the while continuing to service our family of owners.”

Maritimo’s Marketing Manager, Simon Stewart said,“We are also investigating what new craft will be placed into the line up between our 60s and 75s. Anything under the 50-foot mark is a bit of an open book at the moment, as we really have a lot to cover off with our existing plans. We also have to continue to look at how we incorporate more crew spaces as we grow in certain markets, so there is plenty happening at Maritimo.”

So, a lot of what has just been spoken about plays considerably into the continued expansion worldwide of the Maritimo brand. That means Business Development Manager – Global, Derrick Nowak has to have both a keen eye and significant hand in the forward product development.

“Our vessels have unique benefits; enclosed flybridges, big overhangs for sun and weather protection, along with large, multiple interior and exterior spaces. For sure these are distinct advantages, when you know what they are for, but in a lot of emerging markets, the buyers are not traditional boaters. They are new to boating, and therefore may be more used day charters, rather than making a 100 nautical mile crossing to the next private island, or diving site. This, of course, is a very different position for Maritimo to find itself in”, said Nowak.

“Each of the markets we have expanded into recently is incredibly different, and our local partners are very strong in each of them, but the actual proposition of Maritimo, and how we present that to each market is changing. We will need to continue to evolve as this new-to-boating audience expands to become the predominant segment in these new markets.”

“So, we have gone from scouting for our partners to signing them on. Now it is about providing support, as we have started to see the beginning of sales and deliveries.”

“In the traditional markets of Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, some customers may have had five Maritimos and be considering their sixth. In the new markets, some owners may have five or six boats at the one time, rather than consecutively. In some cases, they may drive themselves, but literally hand the boat over to crew once they return ashore again for the vessel to be made ship shape once more, ready for the next outing.”

“Other owners from these markets may potentially have crew on board, and we have to accommodate them. These differences in boating style are as distinct as the benefits a Maritimo offers any owner, it is just a case of advising them of how it applies.”

“Our DNA can provide these new owners with the very experiences they want. It is about transitioning from brief boating experiences to practical boating, so that they move past doing only two or three trips, to utilising the vessel regularly for both pleasure and business. All the while exploring further and further away from their home port. This is what Maritimo is all about; the enjoyment of true luxury, long-range capability, and extended stays aboard.”

Looking even further afield, Nowak is clear that, “We need to ensure we have the required service and support in place in our growth regions before we take on more. Maritimo has been built on customer service, so we are striving to see that continue as part of the Maritimo experience globally.”

“Ultimately, with all our markets changing over time, it becomes more and more about how we convey the benefits of Maritimo lifestyle in a way that they’re understood by these new regions and demographic. There are many people out there that have the wherewithal to buy our boats. They are young and seeking private, luxury adventures on the water. For me, the future is all about seeing the brand get the recognition that it deserves as a long-range, Australian, luxury motor yacht in these places where we have a market that is ready for something new.”

In closing, Nowak offered, “We have some exciting plans in the works that will be supported by recent and upcoming deliveries into Asia and the Middle East. We are in a similar time zone to these markets, with a relatively short flight required for potential owners to come and see the factory, and this has proven to be a great advantage in our regional growth.”