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Rescue of two kayakers off Hinchinbrook Island North Queensland

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has coordinated the rescue of two kayakers off Cape Sandwich, at the northern end of Hinchinbrook Island, North Queensland.

The tall ship, South Passage, responded to a broadcast to assist the kayakers after AMSA received a personal locator beacon (PLB) signal about 12.30pm (Qld time) today.

South Passage has reached the kayakers and taken both on board.

One of the kayakers is reported to be suffering from exposure after having spent some time in the water and has been airlifted from the tall ship’s tender by a Queensland Government Air helicopter from Cairns, and will be flown to Cairns for medical assessment.

The other kayaker will remain on board South Passage and be transferred to Cardwell by the Volunteer Rescue vessel.

AMSA commends the kayakers for their preparation in carrying a properly registered PLB, which led to this prompt response.