Compass is ideal addition to any fishing boat

Fishing boats are all about functionality. That’s why the RitchieAngler magnetic compass from Ritchie Navigation makes such an ideal addition to them. It provides anglers with a simple, easy-to-use tool to navigate unfamiliar waters and the means to find their way home in low visibility conditions—without relying on electronic devices.

Made in the USA, the RitchieAngler is available in two installation styles: model RA-93 surface mounts while the RA-91 version has an integrated bracket that adjusts to any angle. The housing and integrated sun shield are a durable no-glare gray polymer that’s perfect for boats that double for duck hunting.

The RitchieAngler compass has a bright blue 70mm direct reading dial with high-visibility white heading letters, 30° numbers and 5° division marks. The yellow lubber line provides contrast for easy reading. The dial sits on a hardened steel pivot movement with a sapphire bearing for smooth, precise heading readings without spinning or jumping.

Because anglers are often out at dawn and dusk, the compass has internal 12V green lighting; red and 6V and 24V are available. Ritchie Navigation’s RitchieAngler models RA-93 and RA-91 are 100% repairable and come with a five-year warranty.

The RitchieAngler magnetic compass from Ritchie Navigation is available in Australia through:


E J Milde