Compass perfect for helm stations with limited space

Multifunction displays tend to take up the majority of a boat’s limited dash space. With the Explorer Bracket Mount magnetic compass from Ritchie Navigation, it’s simple to add a critical piece of navigation equipment to any crowded helm station, from a small bay boat to a flybridge on a large sportfisher.

Made in the USA, the Explorer compass features a direct read 70mm dial with 5° incremental, 30° numbered and 45° heading marks. The bright yellow lubber line makes referencing easy, even at a distance. The dial is set upon a sapphire jewel in a hardened steel gimbal. Combined with its powerful DirectiveForce magnets, this delivers a highly accurate direction reading without distracting spinning and jumping. And unlike a GPS, the Explorer provides the vessel’s heading when stopped or moving at slow speeds.

The Explorer is available in three colour combinations: with a black composite housing and a black dial, grey with a blue dial or white with a white dial. All feature a movable sun shield, integrated 12/24V green LED lighting, and a bracket that allows the device to be removed. If installed on a metal boat or near heavy equipment, the compass has built-in compensators to adjust for deviation. It measures 135mm H x 113mm W x 120mm D. The Explorer Bracket Mount magnetic compass is 100% repairable and comes with a five-year warranty.

The Explorer Bracket Mount magnetic compass is distributed in Australia through


E J Milde