In dense fog or rain, Dash Compass comes in handy

When rain or fog limits visibility, responsible helmsmen reduce their speed. This is when the Ritchie Navigation Explorer Dash Mount magnetic compass really comes in handy. It displays an accurate heading while motoring slowly or even when stopped—something electronic navigation can’t do.

Made in the USA, the Explorer Dash Mount compass features a black or white 70mm direct-read dial. Contrasting 5° marks, 30° numbers and bold cardinal directives are clearly visible against a bright red or yellow lubber line. The dial sits on a scientifically matched sapphire jewel, atop a hardened steel pivot movement. Built-in 12V lighting aids in navigating in reduced visibility.

The bezels of the available black or white Ritchie Navigation Explorer Dash Mount compass match most popular gauge packages. Locating the compass at centerline is ideal, but it can be viewed at an angle of up to 30°. Built-in compensators adjust deviation, if installed on a metal boat or near steel objects. A 76.2mm hole is required for installation. The Explorer Dash Mount magnetic compass from Ritchie Navigation is 100% repairable and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Ritchie Navigation Explorer Dash Mount magnetic compass is available in Australia through:


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