New Kits Extinguish Small Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery-powered devices are a part of everyday life, especially on a boat. So too is the reality that if their batteries fail, the extremely hot and volatile fire can’t be extinguished utilising a common handheld marine extinguisher. Fortunately, the new AVD Fire Suppression Kits from Sea-Fire Europe Ltd were engineered for this scenario. They include everything needed to quickly contain a lithium-ion battery fire that has started in a small electronic device before it gets out of control.

Self-contained AVD Fire Suppression Kits are compact and easily stowed. Upon opening the fireproof containment bag, the user has instant access to an AVD Extinguisher, heat-resistant gloves and protective eyewear. Six simple graphic images provide instructions for use.

Using an AVD Fire Suppression Kit is simple. After donning the safety gear, the AVD Extinguisher is shaken, aimed at the fire and completely emptied. The burning object may need to be turned over to access the source of the flames. The device is then placed inside the fireproof containment bag and sealed with the Velcro flap. The bag is rated up to 1,000° C and will withstand the pressure created by potentially exploding batteries. Smoke and gases may escape but should not ignite.

The AVD Fire Suppression Kit is available in six configurations. Ideal for mobile phones, tablets and handheld VHF radios, the Small Kit includes a 440mm L x 415mm W bag. It’s offered as the kit alone, or with a 500ml or 1L AVD extinguisher. The 690mm L x 540mm W Large Kit will hold bigger electronics like laptop computers and is likewise available as just the kit, or with a 1L or 2L AVD extinguisher.

AVD Fire Suppression Kits are distributed in Australia by:

Systems Advantage

07 3390 2800