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Advertising Rules and World Sailing Regulations

While Australian Sailing allows, where acceptable, advertising on a boat it is important to remember what the World Sailing regulations are in relation to this.

RRS 76.2 says the organising authority or the race committee shall not reject or cancel the entry of a boat or exclude a competitor because of advertising, provided the boat or competitor complies with the World Sailing Advertising Code.

If you have advertising on your boat, it is important to understand that there are regulations around what is acceptable. What is it advertising? Where is it placed? Is it accepted by your class rules?

Sailors and races officials should be aware that the right to display advertising is automatically granted in Australia for both World Sailing Classes and domestic national classes. Of course there are certain limitations, and not unreasonably so. Advertising must meet generally accepted moral and ethical standard, and advertising which is political, religious, racial or propaganda cannot be displayed.

Boats who are fortunate enough to have some backing from a sponsor and are displaying advertising simply have to keep it clearly separated from national letters and sail numbers and from class insignia. The Advertising Code also explains in great detail what space needs to be protected for event advertising and bow stickers.

Class rules come into play as well. Sailors need to spend a few minutes checking whether or not their class has prohibited advertising, or placed limitations on it which is something they can do.

The World Sailing Advertising Code can be found at

The RRS with Australian Sailing prescription on advertising can be found here


By Melanie Peasey.

Melanie is the Safety, Rules and Representation Coordinator Australian Sailing