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NSW Government seek input on the Draft management plan for NSW marine parks

The NSW Government has released a draft Management Plan for the NSW Mainland Marine Park Network (2021-2031) to seek stakeholder and community input into the future of the management of five marine parks along the NSW coast.

A link to the draft plan can be found below.

The five mainland marine parks in NSW include:

  • Cape Byron
  • Solitary Islands
  • Port Stephens-Great Lakes
  • Jervis Bay
  • Batemans

A statement released by the Marine Estate Management Authority says “The draft 10-year plan identifies the environmental, social, cultural and economic values to be conserved by marine parks, the threats to those values and also provides a road map for their future management. It sets out a simpler and more consistent approach to managing the network of marine parks along the coast of mainland NSW while also taking into account their unique issues and needs.

Our marine parks are so valuable, and we need your help to ensure we have the best plan to manage them effectively”

The Authority invites anyone who wishes to do so to “Have Your Say and help us to improve the management of one of NSW’s greatest assets by filling out the survey online”.

The draft plan identifies certain issues that may benefit from the use of rules and zoning, but it does not include any specific rules or zones.  The detail of any rules or zones will be developed in stage 2 after the plan is finalised.

A draft management plan for Lord Howe Island Marine Park will be developed separately to address many unique issues and management arrangements for this internationally renowned marine park.

For more information on the draft plan visit the website where you can find videos, fact sheets and answers to Frequently Asked Questions or email

Have your say on the management of the NSW mainland marine park network here.

Click here to read the Draft management plan for NSW marine parks


In further news, The Marine Estate Management Authority also have a Marine Estate Management Strategy Implementation plan 2021-2022.

The Marine Estate Management Strategy Implementation Plan 2021/22 outlines how the Strategy will continue to be delivered from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.

New projects commencing include coastal lake and lagoon management and research, marine wildlife monitoring, end-of-life vessel management and the blue economy.

Click here to read the Marine Estate Management Strategy Implementation