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Raymarine Announces Record Sales, Growth Plan, and A New Talent Acquisition Drive

Raymarine has announced another successful trading year, reporting a sustained increase in product sales since Q2 2020.

The company’s acquisition by the global technology giant Teledyne in May 2021 has reinforced Raymarine’s position as one of the world’s leading marine electronics brands. Six months after the acquisition, Raymarine engineers have been able to further explore technologies within the wider group and have been able to develop a roadmap which sees these opportunities realized with future product introductions.

With a solid and stable corporate ownership structure in place and a robust strategy for innovation and growth, its senior management team has been restructured to manage the additional resources and oversee execution effectively. The brand will focus considerable efforts on scaling up processes while retaining and attracting the best talent for the organization.

The demonstration of corporate confidence and investment is reflected in the recent selection of two new senior managers at Raymarine’s head office in Fareham, Hampshire. The company has appointed Peter Ingram as its VP of Marketing and Michelle Hildyard as its VP of Product Management and Business Development.

Formerly Interim General Manager and Vice President of Finance at Raymarine, Ingram brings 14 years of experience in the Maritime industry to the table in advancing the brand’s global strategic marketing activity. Michelle Hildyard, meanwhile, leverages her considerable experience from her previous role as Vice President of Customer Service and 17 years in the Maritime industry to direct and maintain the constant product innovation for which the company is renowned.

In addition, the brand is actively recruiting in engineering, product management, sales, and marketing in line with its ambitious innovation and growth plans.

“This is a very exciting time for the company,” says Gregoire Outters, Raymarine Vice-President & General Manager. “As well as congratulating Peter and Michelle for their new senior management roles, we’re looking forward to welcoming new recruits who will undoubtedly bring fresh insights to our operations. I am looking forward to seeing the new products in the market and implementing our growth plan to ultimately see the technologies out on the water.