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LCE Showtime and advice for SSSC Instructors

The LCE Showtime independent review panel made recommendations concerning PLBs, snap hooks and personal safety equipment that SSSC instructors should consider.

Australian Sailing formed a working party using the NSW State Safety Sub Committee to review the recommendations received from the LCE Showtime independent review panel. Some of the recommendations addressed content of the Sea Safety and Survival Course (SSSC).

The first recommendation for SSSC instructors is to include a more detailed explanation and practical experience of PLBs and their use, operation, and limitations. This should include the necessity of keeping the floatation jacket attached, how to attach them to lifejackets, and how to operate them preferably using a dummy unit, if possible.

The second recommendation is that SSSC instructors see how they can cover the situation of emergency release of tethers in the event of vessel inversion or on other situations where quick release was required, such as a sailor overboard and dragged backward through the water. Related to this is Australian Sailing’s confirmation that the Special Regulations require tethers to be fitted with a snap hook rather than a quickly and easily released snap shackle.

The final item being recommended for discussion in a SSSC course is the importance of personal safety equipment carried by crew members at all times in case of their separation from the vessel, and the likely items which could be carried in a “bum bag” or similar.

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