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What’s my zone?

Marine parks and their zones can now be seen on the NSW e-Planning Spatial Viewer.

NSW e-Planning Portal Spatial Viewer showing Port Stephens Great Lake Marine Park zones

The NSW e-Planning Spatial Viewer is a tool used by councils, industry, the community and government to map and understand land use zones and development controls across NSW.

Following a recent collaboration between marine estate agencies, marine parks (including their zones) have been added to the NSW e-Planning Spatial Viewer by NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

This allows the land use and marine park rules to be overlayed so that they can be better understood by council, the community, industry and government.

Adding the marine park zones to the e-Planning Spatial Viewer will build awareness about marine parks, their importance, and the purpose of the different zoning.

You can check out the NSW Marine Park zones in the e-Planning Spatial Viewer at: