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Maritimo’s Hugh Bassett an inspiration to all who know him

One of Maritimo’s longest serving employees, Hugh Bassett, who has spent most of his working life in the marine sector is retiring for health reasons and says he has loved every minute of his time at Maritimo.

Hughie, as he is known to his workmates, started with Maritimo in 2006 and prior to that had worked at several boat building companies enjoying a long-term relationship with Maritimo’s founder Bill Barry-Cotter.

“Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed it and it is the people who I have worked with that make it so special,” he said.

“The pathway at Maritimo has been one of steady evolution and I think this is a good thing. “There’s no radical shift away from what we know works and it is just a matter of improving on every element of the manufacturing and design process as you move forward.”

After a stint in research and development at Bill Barry-Cotter’s previous boat building business, Hugh did a correspondence course in yacht design and soon after completing that he secured a position with long time naval architect, Garry Lidgard in his boat design business.

“Within a couple of years Garry and I both joined Maritimo to handle their CAD drafting and design work,” he said.

“Initially I was drawing up plans to document boats already in production and in time this expanded to documenting new boats coming through, drafting the structures for these boats and setting up the CNC kits for them.

Hugh said during his early years at Maritimo he had young children and did most of the school drop offs and pick-ups. “I greatly appreciated the flexibility that the Maritimo management gave me in order for me to be able to do this,” he said.

A love of the sea and boats has seen Hugh design and build a unique vessel for his own use. He says this is a jet ski powered trihull and he is in the process of repowering this craft with a totally electric motor.

“It will turn heads on the Broadwater that’s for sure,” said Hugh.

He said his advice to anyone considering embarking on a career in the marine sector as ‘to go for it and do whatever you do well’.

“Always be willing to learn new skills and expand your capabilities and you will be appreciated for it,” he said.

Hugh said he had been dealing with his health issues for many years, but only recently did they become more debilitating meaning he was unable to continue his work.

Maritimo’s managing director, Tom Barry-Cotter said Hugh Bassett had been an inspiration to all those who knew him and worked with him.

“Hugh has battled on longer than anyone else would have and we have all admired him greatly for doing what he has done particularly in recent years,” said Tom.

“He is truly an inspiration and will be sorely missed as he settles into retired life.

“We wish him all the very best going forward and feel sure he will continue to take on his daily challenges and meet them head-on.”

Maritimo is one of the Gold Coast’s largest employers with more than 260 staff. The company has forward orders for its motor yachts stretching into 2025.

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