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Discover Boating + VICE TV Launch Documentary to Inspire NexGen Boaters

In the USA, the local Discover Boating program has taken the new steps toward targeting specific markets.   In this instance the 18 to 34 year olds have been identified.

One of Discover Boating’s strategic media partnerships as part of its 2022 national marketing campaign is with VICE TV, aimed at further amplifying the joy of boating among the industry’s growth and emerging target audiences. As a leading network among 18-34 year olds, VICE TV reaches 65 million homes, helping Discover Boating invite the next generation to experience life on the water.

Running on VICE TV are two of Discover Boating’s videos—‘Anthem’ and ‘Hooked’—as well as a custom short documentary connection to fishing aboard a personal watercraft. Click here or below to view the documentary.

“VICE brand partnerships and video productions resonate in youth culture because they tell stories through the lens of connection, culture and identity,” said Kevin Williams, NMMA’s vice president of marketing. “With more than three-quarters of our target audience looking for brands who engage with their audience through that very lens, partnering with VICE helps us build a connection between Discover Boating and what ‘see you out here’ can mean to the next generation of boaters through a familiar, authentic and human-centric voice across platforms and formats.”

Additional Discover Boating strategic media partnerships this summer include ESPN and Ebony Media.