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R Marine Perth Rottnest day trip impresses enthusiasts new to Riviera

Rottnest Island from the air, truly breathtaking – Credit- Rottnest Island Authority

Absolutely brilliant was the call of the day for the 46 fortunate boating enthusiasts aboard eight Riviera motor yachts at Rottnest Island hosted by R Marine Perth earlier this year.

Not even an average weather forecast suppressed the revellers as they enthusiastically boarded their friend’s luxury motor yachts for a day on the water.

New to Australia, new to boating and new to Riviera were Gail and Gavin Poplak aboard their 6000 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition, 8Teen. Hailing from South Africa, Gail says they’ve loved the opportunity to venture into the Indian Ocean in good company.

8Teen was one of eight stunning Rivieras to populate Thomson Bay, Rottnest Island

Saltwater Warrior heads off towards Rottnest Island

8Teen was one of eight stunning Rivieras to populate Thomson Bay, Rottnest Island

“It was great to head out to Rottnest with other Riviera owners — that was a real drawcard for us for the day. It’s one of the reasons we bought a Riviera yacht, it’s a community-based company and you really feel like you are part of a family. We are fairly new to Australia and it’s our first motor yacht, so we wanted to throw ourselves right into it, and we have,” says Gail.

The motor yachts set off mid-morning, a little delayed due to the weather. “The conditions were a little rough on the way there, but we were motivated by the people and boats around us, so we managed it well and had a safe trip over. We settled in at Thomson Bay and tendered to the beach where Ryan and his team had set up a sensational seafood barbecue while a guitarist played off the stern of one of the motor yachts. It was an amazing day, lots of fun, and great to be with a bunch of people who just love boating. Kudos to the guys and girls at Riviera, a brilliant experience.”


Gail and Gavin Poplak’s 6000SY Platinum Edition, 8Teen

Gail and Gavin Poplak’s 6000SY Platinum Edition, 8Teen

“It’s one of the reasons we bought a Riviera yacht, it’s a community-based company and you really feel like you are part of a family. ” - Gail Poplak

Aboard her 3850 Flybridge, Philippa Packer headed out at the helm of her own motor yacht, named Phoenix. “It was a very special day. I’ve recently acquired my Riviera and it was my first day out with guests aboard, so I was really pleased how well it all went,” says Philippa.

The adventurous solo skipper hosted a group of seven girlfriends. “I was a little nervous as to how the day would turn out. I’d never done anything like this before, especially not taking so many people out on my own, and there were some ladies for whom it was their first time doing anything like this. It added to my confidence just knowing that there were helping hands nearby if needed.” Not that they were necessary as Philippa is no stranger to boating. In fact, she’s been born and raised as a sailor and continues to sail competitively. “Being out on the water is so natural for me, it’s my happy place.

“The day was organised beautifully. Everyone was there to have a good time, it was tremendous. On the beach at Rottnest is a gorgeous location and the live music was a great touch. Everyone mixed and mingled, the drinks flowed and we met lots of interesting people.”

Having gained greater confidence as a skipper, Philippa has since returned to Rottnest independently. “It’s so exciting to have a floating home, like a beautiful weekend cottage I can take away. It’s really lovely.”

Guests feasted on a scrumptious seafood barbecue at Thomson Bay, Rottnest Island

Rivieras moored at Thomson Bay, Rottnest Island

R Marine Perth’s Dealer Principal Ryan Lloyd was most impressed by the positive attitude and adventurous spirit of the crews. “It’s great to have a Riviera community growing with their love of boating and the enjoyment of sharing adventures together. Earlier in the week, given the forecast, we’d thought to postpone our trip, but we contacted the lead boats and together took the decision to see what came on the day. The rain held off, which was great, but we did have a brisk breeze. The smaller boats followed inside the wake of the bigger yachts, and this created this tremendous sense of safety and team-ship.”

The Rottnest trip was one of several events hosted by for R Marine Perth this year, on the water with Riviera owners. “It was an excellent day,” says Ryan. “We had some entertainment on the back of the lead Riviera facing the beach that was a nice surprise for everyone and with the delicious West Australian seafood barbecue it created a fantastic mood. It was wonderful to see the friendships being made and a community being formed. It’s a family that’s been a long time in the making and we’re looking forward to many more Rivera owner experiences together.”