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New Marine Rescue vessel to arrive in Batemans Bay

Senior crew from Marine Rescue Batemans Bay have spent the past two days on waterways around Cronulla undergoing induction and training on the unit’s a new 6.3 metre walk-through console Naiad (NYE-ADD) boat, Batemans Bay 21.

The replacement rescue vessel is powered by twin Suzuki 115 horsepower outboard engines and is capable of reaching speeds of 38 knots.

Marine Rescue Batemans Bay Unit Commander Rod Ingamells and senior crew members have been thoroughly shown how to operate Batemans Bay 21 and will now take the boat to its new permanent home on the South Coast.

Mr Ingamells said Marine Rescue volunteers at the Batemans Bay unit are excited about adding the new vessel to the fleet.

“We been discussing having this on board and they’re very enthusiastic.

“We’ve got two larger boats and this is going to give us a lot more flexibility and all the crews are basically looking forward to finding out how this thing operates,” he said.

The Batemans Bay Unit Commander said the new rescue boat is part of Marine Rescue’s fleet modernisation program.

“We’re trading in an old Cobia.

“The flexibility on this new vessel is great in the sense that we’ve got walk-through access and we can tow from both ends of the boat,” he said.

Since January first this year, volunteers at Marine Rescue Batemans Bay have completed 58 rescue missions including 37 emergency responses.

Mr Ingamells said the new Batemans Bay 21 is a versatile vessel with wide-ranging capability.

“Predominantly we’ll be using it mainly for around the early areas of three to four nautical miles out to sea but we generally go all the way up past Nelligen.

“We can get up there because of the depth of the keel, there’s a fair few rocks up in that area but generally, quick tows, quick response.

“In our area we get people that go overboard fairly regular and we can get there fairly quickly with this vessel,” Mr Ingamells said.

Batemans Bay 21 is fitted with a full Raymarine suite of maritime navigation equipment.

Marine Rescue NSW Commissioner Alex Barrell said volunteers at the Batemans Bay unit will undergo full training on the new vessel before it goes into active service.

“It’s great when we get new vessels and it will be no different at Bateman’s Bay.

“When this vessel arrives, our members will be out and about practicing and training on the new vessel so that when the phone call comes we’re ready to respond,” Commissioner Barrell said.

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