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Sailing celebrates its volunteers: Lisa Brock

A mainstay in the club sailing landscape in South Australia and beyond, Lisa Brock is an accredited Race Officer and has volunteered as the Commodore of the Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club (BSYC) since 2019.

In addition to her contributions to BSYC, Lisa is also a trailblazer for women sailing in SA, volunteering as the SheSails representative at the club and in doing so, building opportunities for female participation.

“When I started sailing at BSYC in 1983 it wasn’t my plan to be the Commodore, but I loved my sport and my club and have now been lucky enough to work my way to the top,” began Brock.

“I volunteer at BSYC because my club has been there for me for many years, throughout the many ups and downs of life. No matter what, BSYC always had the answers for me.

“I am proud that I am the first female Commodore at our club and achieved this on our 100th year – I am hoping that this will encourage other girls to aim high,” said Brock.

Over the years, Lisa has selflessly volunteered her time in numerous roles, stating that the least she can do is give back to the club that has given her so much.

“I have learnt much from the club about sailing, being a class delegate, becoming the Vice Commodore, then the Commodore. On my journey, I have also learnt how to be a Race Officer. I love being part of all the teams needed to keep our club running,” said Brock.

“I also enjoy representing our club as a Flag Officer at other clubs and events. I am proud with the way our club has grown and achieved what it has.”

Lisa is adamant that there are many incredible and rewarding aspects of volunteering, but that the most important one for her is seeing the club members happy and enjoying the sport.

“The best part of volunteering is seeing the happy faces at the club. If I’m running a regatta or club event as the Race Officer, it is fantastic to hear the stories at the end of the sailor’s day on the water.

“I love to see the juniors work their way through the fleets and become confident sailors,” finished Brock.

On behalf of everyone involved in the sport, we thank you for your contribution Lisa.

If Lisa’s story has inspired you to start volunteering, get in touch with your local club and let them know you’re interested! Don’t know who to contact, find a club in your local area today.

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